Tigers, one of the many mobs, added by the World Animals addon (Image via Minecraft)

7 best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock addons in 2022

Minecraft is a game that has thrived in popular culture for more than a decade now. A large part of this continued success is due to the many mods the community has created for the game.

From adding basic functionality like multiplayer when the game was still in beta to modpacks such as RLCraft that completely change the game, there is no shortage of new experiences.

However, Bedrock edition players have much more limited access to mods. Most of what is available is through the marketplace and microtransactions. However, there are some free mods for Bedrock known as addons. While slightly different from Java mods, there addons can add a lot to the player experience.

The seven best addons for Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock

7)Dynamic Lighting

The dynamic lighting mod does exactly what its title says. It adds dynamic lighting to Bedrock edition, meaning that torches and other light sources, such as lanterns and redstone lamps, will continuously light up the area around their location, even if they have not been placed down.

The major benefit of this addon is the ability for the player to use a single torch to explore an entire cave as the torch will light up the surrounding area.

6) Natural Structures

The webpage for the Natural Structures addon (Image via mcpedl)
The webpage for the Natural Structures addon (Image via mcpedl)

As the name suggests, the Natural Structures addon introduces a plethora of new and interesting nature-based structures. This includes things such as new dead trees, giant poppies, pumpkins, and drying racks that can be used to turn kelp into dried kelp, or rotten flesh into leather.

This addon adds a lot of natural depth to the world, heightening world generation and adding a new flair to much of what would be an otherwise boring and average Minecraft world.

5) Mutant Creatures

Mutant Creatures is an addon that fills the world with stronger mutant mobs. There are a total of 20 new mutants of the different vanilla mobs.

This list of mutants includes, but is not limited to, mutant endermen capable of weakening all nearby enemies through a roar, mutant skeletons that deal huge damage, and zombie mutants that are tanky and hit like a truck.

While most of the mutant mobs found in the addon are hostile to the player, there are potential allies that players can find throughout the world. Some mutant axolotls and wolves are much stronger and can be tamed by players. Mutant iron and snow golems can be created by players to help drive off the forces of evil.


The More Tools addon adds a plethora of new tools to Minecraft. The addon adds more than 900 new tools and tool variants. While the addon focuses mainly on tools, it does add other things, such as more than 20 decorative blocks and more than 35 new types of armor.

These tools are mostly made up of new types of weapons that players can use to defend against the forces of the night. This includes battle axes, karambits, scythes, and maces. The battle axes tend to have powerful right-click effects. This addon can add dozens of hours to the longevity of a survival world just through experimentation and exploring new options.

3) More Bosses

The More Bosses addon adds many new and exciting bosses for players to fight on their survival worlds.

Some of these bosses include:

  • The sea guardian: a high-health armored drowned
  • The old one: the old Minecraft creepypasta Herobrine turned into a boss fight
  • Tower of Flesh: a reference to one of Terraria’s most iconic bosses: The Wall of Flesh.

These bosses all have unique drops. The most interesting of these drops are unique trophies for each boss, which players can use to decorate their base and prove that they bested the boss in combat.

2) World Animals

The World Animals addon adds a total of five dozen new animals. These animals come from totally different areas of the planet and range in size from tiny to huge, adding a huge amount of variety and life to the environment of Minecraft. For example, there are mobs as small as butterflies, shrimp, and kiwis to as large as elephants.

The addon also adds golden bones, which can be used to tame many of the addon’s animals, and a lot of the large mobs, including the elephants, have saddles available so players can ride them. New ores, including ruby ​​and citrine, and new food items such as rat tacos are also included.

This addon puts the Wild in the Wild Update, addressing some of the major complaints from the community.

1) Better Survival

The Better Survival addon is focused on revamping and overhauling Minecraft’s core survival experience.

This is done in many ways, such as changing vanilla items to give them a purpose. For example, in the base game, there is no reason to craft cookies as they are one of the worst foods in Minecraft. However, for better survival, they grant speed. Additionally, dried kelp can grant players water breathing.

There are also several parity changes, which help bring the two versions of Minecraft in line with one another. This includes being able to trap endermen in boats or zombies dropping cooked potatoes when they die while on fire.

Fishing loot and piglin bartering have also been updated to offer better and more useful items. New structures and terrain generation features are present for players to discover and explore. The most recent version of the addon has added a new feature where players are given the coordinates of their last death, making retrieving loot dropped on death much easier and more convenient.