It's been a long time since the gamers felt a sense of victory, and today it's one of those days. While Blizzard revealed they would retake loot boxes from Overwatch when Overwatch 2 began shortly ago, the good news is surprisingly coming earlier than expected, after loot boxes will go into the Overwatch store on August 30th. But how will players get the content until Overwatch 2? Those who still play and watch Overwatch are more excited.

A few more Loot Boxes Go Away on August 30th, 2015?

It’s been a long time since gamers could feel victory, and today it’s one of those days. Although Blizzard announced they would remove loot boxes from Overwatch once Overwatch 2 launched almost a year ago, the good news is surprisingly coming early than expected, since loot boxes will be leaving the Overwatch store on August 30th.

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How about getting players on top of their content until Overwatch 2?

Those still playing the game and sagging overwatch ranks know and know that the anniversary Remix event will happen, where players can spend their currency and buy cosmetics before Overwatch 2 is released on October 4th. If the box is out of the store, the players will only earn boxes by standard way, such as leveling their account and playing an arcade.

After Overwatch 2 comes out, Blizzard will implement the Battle Pass system, which appears a bit more transparent when it comes to unlocking the content in the game. Of course, there are also skins that players can buy directly, including the new Mythic skins.

Watch the first time you play Overwatch 2.

If you don’t want to grind anything in the original Overwatch or you don’t like the second stage of playing Overwatch, you must try to buy the Watchpoint Pack and get instant access to the closed beta. As for the grand question, are there some new players in this game? Even if the game is due to be free on release, you can find plenty of players on the closed beta servers.