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March 16, 2022: Vodka Cruiser gets an upgrade to double magnum size.

Well-known and loved as a standard one-person drink size, Vodka Cruisers have long been a spritzy, fruity, party drink for the warmer months.

But there’s a new-look cruiser that is raising eyebrows as the party drink goes luxe and unveils its new 3.1L bottles for select venues.

The new limited-edition Cruiser Magnums celebrate the drink’s 21st birthday as well as the reopening of dance floors across Australia.

But you can’t get your hands on this super-sized party starter just anywhere.

Instead, 21 Aussies along with their friends will get the chance to win one of the impressive double magnum-sized bottles from a few special venues in the different states around the country. Flavors include Wild Raspberry, Juicy Watermelon and Lush Guava.

The bottles have the same look as the classic Cruiser, but in a super-size and with a slightly fancier label. The bottles hold around 11 standard Cruiser drinks and require two people to pop and pour them. Sounds like the kind of competition we want to win.

“It’s been a tough few years for bars and clubs across the country,” says Michael O’Donoghue, Brand Manager at Vodka Cruiser. “While we weren’t able to celebrate Vodka Cruiser’s 21st birthday last year with the ups and downs of the pandemic, we are beyond excited to really get the party started in 2022 by launching the Cruiser Magnums with our partner venues.”

The ‘Magnum Cruiser experience’ will be available in Sydney at the Marlborough Hotel, in Melbourne at Billboard The Venue, in South Australia at The Highway and The Jetty Bar, and in Cairns at Gilligans.

“These limited-edition Magnums will be available to win, so we hope it brings some needed joy to kick-off this year.”

To enter, Australians (aged over 18) can enter to win on the Vodka Cruiser’s Facebook page and share their favorite flavor of Vodka Cruiser. Entries close April 7, 2022.

The prize includes a two-hour window to enjoy their Vodka Cruiser Magnums with up to four friends at the chosen venue.

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