ALDI supermarket shopper under fire after sharing checkout cashier 'rant' over grocery receipt error

ALDI supermarket shopper under fire after sharing checkout cashier ‘rant’ over grocery receipt error

An ALDI supermarket customer has set tongues wagging after sharing a “rant” about a recent checkout experience at her local store.

Sharing on a popular Facebook page, the Melbourne shopper revealed how she had approached the cashier after realizing that she’d been overcharged for a grocery item.

A photo of the ALDI customer’s receipt showed that instead of paying $7.19 for a reduced pack of smoked salmon, she was charged $13.99.

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When the shopper requested that the difference be refunded, she claimed she was shortchanged by the cashier – receiving $6.30 instead of $6.80.

In her post, the disgruntled customer called out the checkout worker’s “despicable” attitude.

“Today as usual I did my weekly shop at my local ALDI – it didn’t turn out to be pleasant,” she wrote on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

The shopper shared this image to show how she was overcharged for the item – and then shortchanged with the refund. Credit: Aldi Mums/Facebook

“The checkout staff charged me full price for a product that was on special, but when I approached her and told her she gave me the wrong change [she] insist that is what it says on the till.

“My math is not great but if I was charged $13.99 for something that is $7.19, I should be refunded the difference right? She only gave me $6.30 instead of $6.80.

“The worst part was she said, ‘If it’s not correct then I’ll give you the difference.’ She made me feel like I was in the wrong.

“So I waited for a few minutes to explain to her that she indeed gave me the wrong change, but the line was just too long.

“I know it’s only 50c but money is money plus her attitude was despicable. (End of rant).”

‘Be kind’

But while the shopper may have been thought that ALDI fans would share her frustration, the reaction from many was the opposite.

Many were quick to call on the customer to be more understanding.

“They have to override the reduced price themselves, she probably just missed the sticker,” responded one Facebook user. “Then they have to work out the change themselves it’s not on the screen.

“Maybe she got flustered and made a mistake considering you ‘confronted her’.

“Cashiers at Aldi can serve over 200 people in a shift so mistakes will happen. They have a lot going on speed, lines, working out money and more.

“Maybe next time show a bit more understanding for the cashier just trying to do her best.”

Some Facebook users called on the customer to be more understanding. Credit: Facebook

Added another: “Go easy on customer service staff please. It’s been a really crappy few years for most of us.

“You can’t possibly imagine the abuse and negativity we have received. Be kind.”

A third wrote: “ALDI staff do all of the change calculations in their head. Reduced products need to be manually entered also.

“It’s easy to get flustered in situations like this, try not to be too hard on them.”

Said one more: “Let it go, it’s 50 cents. You’re hanging onto all this anger for something so minor.

“You ‘confronted’ her, then tried to correct her for the wrong change, then wrote a post about it.

“Write down 10 things on a piece of paper you’re grateful for. Focus on those.”

File image of an ALDI checkout. Credit: picture alliance/dpa/picture alliance via Getty

But the shopper defended her post, pointing out that she was never “rude” to the ALDI worker.

“I did give her a break and my 50c,” she responded. “I was not rude to her. My confrontation was very mellow actually.”

She later added: “I wasn’t rude to her. But her insistence and her de ella saying that if it was wrong she would give me the money.

“That made me feel like I was in the wrong and kicked up a fuss. Did not sit well there.” understands that if ALDI customers have concerns about a store experience, they are encouraged to visit the ALDI help center for more information.

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