Aldi's bargain dupe for luxury Le Creuset cast iron cookware

Aldi’s bargain dupe for luxury Le Creuset cast iron cookware

Culinary enthusiasts on a budget have rejoiced after Aldi again released their bargain dupe of $600 Le Creuset cookware.

Sydney influencer Adrian Widjy excitedly took to TikTok to show off the re-released range at his local Aldi store.

The Crofton cookware range is available in four colors and is part of Aldi’s special buys collection.

“Time to run to Aldi,” the video started.

“They are back stocking affordable cast iron cookware. Most expensive at $30, while most at about $20.

“From frying pan, bake roaster, griller and more, with four color options.”

According to the Australian Le Creuset website, a cast iron round casserole dish can cost anywhere form $340 to $1,200, depending on the size and color of the item.

Aldi’s bargain dupe of the item has racked up a cult following online since it first went on sale in 2020, and fans are elated for its return.

“These are sensational to cook with” one person said.

“Definitely running out to get some more.”

“I bought one last year, and honestly it’s the best bread I’ve ever owned” another replied.

“Better than my $200 Scanpan.”

The range is part of Aldi’s special buys available from the 13th of August, and are only available in-store for a limited time.

According to Aldi, the pieces boast a durable three-layer enamel coating and are suitable for all stovetops including gas, electric, glass ceramic and induction.

The collection includes a French Pan ($29.99), Dutch oven ($26.99), Saucepan ($19.99), Roaster ($26.99), Griddle Pan ($19.99) and Frying pan ($19.99).

This is not the first time the German supermarket has released budget-friendly dupes for designer products.

Last month Aldi released their very own blanket hoodies, with a design strikingly similar to the wildly popular Oodie.

Priced at just $29.99, they were much cheaper than Oodies that retail for $109.