Pokemon GO trainers bug hunting during the Bug Out! event (Image via Niantic)

All Bug Out! 2022 Field Research Tasks and rewards in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO’s Bug Out! event has returned this year, and trainers can now catch both old and new Bug-type Pokemon. Trainers have access to various new sets of research tasks to complete, including Field Research.

Field Research in Pokemon GO differs from the game’s Special Research, as it is obtained primarily from spinning Pokestops. The tasks that trainers receive are randomized from a pool, and each task has its own rewards linked to it.

Below, trainers can find a list of what is required for the event’s Field Research and what will be rewarded when the research is completed.

Every Pokemon GO Field Research Task and reward for Bug Out! 2022 listed

Mega Scizor makes its debut in Bug Out!  2022 (Image via Niantic)
Mega Scizor makes its debut in Bug Out! 2022 (Image via Niantic)

This year, the majority of Bug Out!’s Field Research Tasks require Pokemon GO trainers to catch Pokemon. Trainers will also want to practice their throwing mechanics, as some research tasks require certain throw qualities to be completed.

There are also a few miscellaneous tasks to consider. However, they’re fairly simple to complete in-game and won’t be as complex as searching for and catching Pokemon.

Overall, trainers will need to complete 11 different Field Research Tasks.

All Field Research Tasks and Rewards for Bug Out! 2022

  • catch 5 pokemon – Caterpie or Weedle encounter
  • Catch 10 Pokémon – Volbeat, Illumise, Dewpider, Wimpod, or Venipede encounter
  • Catch 15 Pokémon – Burmy encounter, including any of its variants
  • Catch Ten Bug-type Pokemon – Volbeat or Illumise encounter
  • Make Two Excellent Throws – Never encounter
  • Make Three Great Throws – Grubbin encounter
  • Make Three Great Throws In a Row – Paras or Dwebble encounter
  • Make Three Nice Throws – Venonat or Kricketot encounter
  • Make Three Nice Throws In a Row – Silcoon or Cascoon encounter
  • Take Three Different Snapshots of Different Bug Pokemon You’ve Caught – Ledyba, Spinarak, or Yanma encounter
  • trade pokemon – Karrablast or Shelmet encounter
  • Use Ten Berries to Catch Pokemon – Combee or Sewaddle encounter

The good news for Pokemon GO trainers who are looking to complete this research is that they can use the rewards they obtain to complete other tasks. For example, if players obtain a Venipede from a task, they can capture it and take a picture of it for their snapshot task.

Additionally, during the reward catch encounters, excellent/great/nice throws should also count towards Field Research requirements. The throw requirements may be the toughest out of all the event tasks, as hitting Bug-type Pokemon with accurate throws can be tricky due to their size.

Trading may also be tricky, but Niantic, fortunately, released the Campfire app recently that allows Pokemon GO players to coordinate better if they reside in a similar area. If trainers don’t have any friends nearby, it may not be a bad idea to check out Campfire and look for any trainers in the community that may be nearby.