Beauty and the Geek star Aimee Woolley posts revenge photo

Beauty and the Geek star Aimee Woolley posts revenge photo

Looking back at awkward teenage photos, most of us will have changed dramatically – both physically and mentally – since high school.

Many of us got through that time the best we could, all while feeling insecure about our changing bodies as we tried to navigate the awkward teenage years.

High school was hard enough by itself, but add in cruel bullies and the experience can turn into a nightmare.

Looking at blonde “beauty” Aimee Woolley from reality television show Beauty and the Geekyou’d likely assume her time at school was a breeze.

But the 23-year-old nurse opened up to her followers by posting a picture on TikTok of her as a teenager in her high school uniform, with dark brown hair.

The video began with a voiceover stating “remember when you called me ugly?”, suggesting she was bullied at school.

She then continued the video with a montage of her now as a blonde adult on the reality TV show, with a voiceover stating “watch my glow up b**ch.”

Fans of Aimee applauded her openness and loved her “glow up revenge” on her high school bullies.

“You were gorgeous in both, some people suck!” one person commented.

Yas Queen! You look beautiful!”

“You were actually my #1 on the beauty and the geek” another said.

“Broke my heart when you were eliminated. ️”

Aimee was a contestant on this year’s Beauty and the Geek before being eliminated on episode 7 with her “geek” Jason.

“I’m going to miss Jayden so much,” a tearful Aimee said.

“It’s so refreshing that they are still guys out there that are really nice.”

Beauty and the Geek first launched in Australia in 2009, and is based on the US version of the show that was created in 2005 by actor Ashton Kutcher.

The premise of the show is to pair a “beauty” – typically an attractive woman who is portrayed to lack intellect – with a “geek” – usually a man who is not conventionally attractive and may lack social skills but is very intelligent.

The couple who can get through to the end after competing different challenges will win the grand prize of $100,000.

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