Block Island Ferry the focal point of a massive police investigation

Block Island Ferry the focal point of a massive police investigation

NARAGANSETT, RI (WFSB) – The Block Island ferry in Rhode Island was a crime scene on Tuesday morning.

Police boarded the boat on Monday night after eyewitnesses reported that a major fight broke out on it.

Some dramatic video from the scene was shared with the media.

Nani Santiago recorded video of police boarding a Block Island ferry the evening of Aug. 8.

Nani Santiago was on the ferry and captured the footage late Monday night as the incident unfolded. Officers could be seen jumping from a transport boat right onto the moving ferry.

A short time later, law enforcement agents rushed through the scene with their guns drawn.

It happened near the Port of Galilee, which is in the Point Judith section of Narragansett.

Eyewitnesses told Channel 3 that the ferry was packed because of a reggae festival. They said a huge fight between two groups of people threw the boat into chaos and that multiple people were hurt.

Police have not confirmed that information. However, reporters captured video of several ambulances leaving the scene.

The situation became a massive investigation.

Channel 3 learned on Tuesday morning that the Narragansett Police Department ceded primary control of the investigation to Rhode Island State Police, although multiple other departments are assisting them along with several K9 units.

A massive investigation was underway at the Block Island ferry terminal at Point Judith.