Bold & Beautiful: The Forresters Learn Sheila Was Killed Dead By a Bear

Bold & Beautiful: The Forresters Learn Sheila Was Killed Dead By a Bear

At the cliff house, the morning after passionately reconnecting, Finn and Steffy canoodle in the living room. He says last night was amazing and she confesses she stared at him all night. Finn vows he’ll never leave them again ever. Steffy feels they’re so lucky to be a family again. They start kissing.

In the cabin, Hope and Liam share a morning kiss and she wonders how long they can get away with this while the kids are playing outside. They go over how good they have it. Hope muses, “Our family’s thriving.” She can’t help but think about Steffy and Finn’s happiness as well. Liam declares all is right with the world… except for Sheila. “It will be nice when she’s behind bars, forever.”

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke takes a call from Detective Sanchez, who says he’s calling about Sheila Carter. He’s actually looking for Ridge. Brooke says he’ll be back soon. Sanchez reveals they have an update on Sheila. Deputy Chief Baker is tied up in court and asked that he set up a meeting with Ridge and his family in person. Brooke offers to have everyone meet there at Forrester and asks what it’s about. Sanchez will tell her when he sees her.
Brooke phone B&B

Thomas arrives at the cabin and explains he came by to see Douglas. Liam says he’s on the tennis court playing and should be back soon. They all get to talking about Steffy and Finn and agree they must be walking on air right now.

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At the cliff house, Finn welcomes Li into the house. Steffy and Li exchange pleasantries, and then Steffy gets a call from Brooke explaining that Sanchez has an update on Sheila. Steffy tells her they’ll come to the office right now; she’ll text her mom. Steffy disconnects and the three of them head out the door.
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At the cabin, talk has turned to Sheila and counting their blessings. Thomas muses that life is short, and they should make every second count. The kids come in and Beth runs to Hope. Thomas and Douglas go outside to play ball, and Liam tells Hope she turned that kid’s life around. Hope states that Douglas means the world to her; she doesn’t know what she’d do without him.
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At Forrester, Steffy, Finn, and Li join Brooke, Taylor, and Eric, who enthuses about the happy couple being together again. Taylor credits Li for Finn being alive but she wants to know why she did n’t tell anyone that he was alive. Li explains she never meant to hurt or deceive any of them. She was focused on her boy pulling through. Sanchez arrives. Eric says Ridge is on his way, but they want to know what’s going on. The detective reports that they have located the fugitive.

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At the cabin, Liam and Hope have Beth settled in the bedroom. Hope thinks it might be the perfect day and they kiss. Thomas and Douglas return and his dad enthuses that his son has a cannon for an arm. Douglas thanks his dad for helping him. He misses him a lot and wishes they could be together more. He asks if Thomas misses him. The Forrester kneels down and assures him he does — he loves him. He thinks about him all the time when he’s not with him. “But maybe it’s not enough.” Douglas flies into his dad’s arms from him.
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At Forrester, Detective Sanchez tells the group that Sheila left Los Angeles at some point. Steffy smokes that they lost track of her. Sanchez explains security cameras caught her at a convenience store just outside the Sierras. He pulls out the stills from the camera footage and passes them around. They all agree it’s her. Sanchez reveals they found an abandoned car out there that Sheila’s fingerprints were on. Then, a ranger found disturbing evidence—someone was attacked by a bear. With a warning, he shows them photos of what’s left of Sheila. It was a chilling scene. They found her driver’s license, her phone, some of her hair, and her blood-stained clothing. Steffy asks if they’re certain it’s Sheila. Sanchez relays that the DNA evidence points to one person, and one person alone. Sheila.
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At the cabin, Hope sends Douglas off to finish his summer reading. Thomas thanks Hope and Liam for creating such a wonderful home for him. Hope assures there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Thomas is glad to hear her say that. He’s asked his granddad to move in with him, and he thinks it would be great if Douglas moved in too. That way father and son can spend time together as they should. Hope asks, “Are you suggesting that Douglas move out of the home he knows, with his sister de el, to go and live with you?” Thomas Nods. “Yeah, I think it’s time. You can see him whenever you want.” Hope thinks they should table the discussion, so Douglas doesn’t hear. Thomas agrees; he doesn’t want to upset Douglas or her. “Tell him I said goodbye.” Liam assures they will. Thomas exits. Hope gawps at Liam, “Can you believe what he’s asking?!?” Douglas reappears and hangs his head in disappointment when he learns his dad is gone.

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At Forrester, everyone frowns, trying to reconcile the idea that Sheila has been killed by a bear. Brooke is unconvinced since Sheila is a master manipulator. Sanchez has one more detail. He pulls out another piece of evidence.
Sheila Toe B&B

Taylor gawps, “Is that a…” Sanchez replies, “It’s one of Sheila’s digits. Her middle toe from her to be exact.” Taylor gags.
taylor toe B&B

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Steffy asks if Finn’s okay. He hates to think of his birth mother de ella going in such a vicious way, but they wo n’t have to worry about her anymore. They all marvel that it’s finally over as they flash to some past terrifying things Sheila did to the family. Sanchez declares, “There’s no doubt about it. Sheila’s gone. She’s dead. This time forever.”

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