Bunnings apron mystery dividing Australian TikTok fans solved

Bunnings apron mystery dividing Australian TikTok fans solved

A heated debate has erupted online about the proper purpose of one particular detail on the infamous Bunnings aprons.

The saga began after TikTok user Luke Donkin questioned the use of the clear pockets at the front of the bottle green apron, speaking a frenzy of different answers.

The Australian comedian makes humorous skits pretending to be an employee of different department stores.

“I honestly have no idea what this pocket is used for,” he said.

“I’ve always wanted to put like a trail mix in it and then just [pretends to eat it] throughout the day.

“But I’d probably get in trouble.”

His followers were quick to give their different answers for the purpose of the clear pocket, with most agreeing it was to display a name badge.

“It’s for a name badge!” said one.

“But the trail mix thing is a great idea.”

“It has to be for the name badge doesn’t it?” dear one.

“I literally don’t see any other option.”

But these theories have now been blown out of the water as another TikTok user who says she is a real Bunnings worker makes another bold claim.

“Okay TikTok, here is what the Bunnings pouch is really for” she said.

“Name badge yes, but we have a notepad for every store.”

In the video, the worker removes a green Bunnings notepad from the hidden compartment that sits behind the first one, splitting the pocket into two.

The comment section of the video then added another mystery into the mix that is leaving people baffled.

A TikTok user who claimed to also work at Bunnings said that their apron actually had three pockets.
A spokesperson for Bunnings Warehouse confirmed that the pocket can be used for these purposes.

“We can confirm on background that the clear pocket is used for a name tag” they said.

“But some team also keep notepads in there as well.”

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