Channel 10's breakfast show sets new record for worst rating program ever as not one viewer in Perth watches

Channel 10’s breakfast show sets new record for worst rating program ever as not one viewer in Perth watches

Channel Ten’s morning news broadcast has hit a new world record – but the milestone is nothing to be celebrated.

It has been revealed that the 30-minute breakfast program 10 News First: Breakfast, hosted by Lachlan Kennedy and Natasha Exelby, reached an all-time low last Wednesday when not even one viewer in Perth tuned in.

According to official TV ratings numbers provided by research firm OzTAM, last Wednesday morning, zero people in the city of 2.1 million people watched the show.

An OzTAM spokesperson told The Australian the dire result could be attributed to the use of “small underlying viewing samples” and Network 10 has remained optimistic.

“10 News First: Breakfast edition is maintaining its audience and increasing engagement as viewers become more familiar with the timeslot,” a spokesperson told the outlet.

The 8am program launched last month, taking over the first half hour of Studio 10, but it has been struggling to find its feet against its competitors.

The Seven Network’s Sunrise has once again taken the crown as Australia’s top breakfast show in 2022, with an unbeatable lead over its rivals.

For the 19th year in a row, Sunrise, hosted by David Koch and Natalie Barr, is number one in its timeslot and has an average national daily audience of 397,000 viewers, 31 per cent bigger than its nearest competitor.

Seven Network Director of Morning Television, Sarah Stinson, said: “We are proud that more than 1.01 million people start with Sunrise every morning across Australia, and we never take it for granted.

“As the world bounces back from the past few years, Australians continue to turn to Kochie, Nat and the team for breaking news, a sense of community and the light and laughs we all need to start the day feeling great and well informed.”

It’s a different story for 10 News First: Breakfast, whose first five days on air drew in an average of 17,000 viewers across the five major cities, but this dropped to just 15,000 a day in week two.

The show delivered the lowest ever ratings in Australian TV history on its second day, after just 44 viewers tuned in from Sydney and 43 in Perth, until last week’s abysmal ratings were released.

Camera IconAngela Bishop, Tristan McManus, Sarah Harris and Narelda Jacobs for Studio 10. Credit: have

Despite the blow, the network has repeatedly denied rumours. Studio 10 could be on the chopping block.

It’s just the latest in a series of crushing blows for Network 10.