Chemtech Drake will soon return with League of Legends' pre-season 2023 (Image via League of Legends)

Chemtech Drake is set to make its return along with League of Legends’ pre-season 2023

Chemtech Drake is arguably one of the most infamous dragon souls within League of Legends. The buff that it provided and the way in which it altered the entire map were so obnoxious that the developers themselves decided to just ban it across the board.

However, it seems that, along with pre-season 2023, the developers are finally ready to introduce Chemtech Drake back into the game. The changes that it is set to receive have been discussed in this article in detail.

It is tough to predict how fans will react to the Chemtech Drake’s return, as it was quite an issue before. However, the changes to the dragon soul are likely to make it much more balanced this time around.

Chemtech soul will no longer revive champions within League of Legends

The previous version of Chemtech soul is often considered the strongest and most obnoxious in the list for a pretty valid reason. This is because, once the soul was obtained, it provided champions with a sort of ‘last stand’ type ability, where they would revive for a few seconds and were able to deal damage before dying shortly after.

As expected, these vital few seconds made a massive difference in fights as it prevented the team without the Chemtech soul from gaining any substantial gold lead. Besides that, once the Chemtech Drake took over the map, it created camouflage zones everywhere.

Put that chemtech drake back in the basement i’m so serious I can already feel it getting removed again within 2 weeks

This, in turn, made pink ward management a nightmare for players. With the developers failing to find a proper solution to this, they decided to remove it from the game for the time being.

Changes to Chemtech Drake in League of Legends

As it so happens, the developers seem to have found a solution to the issues mentioned earlier, as the new Chemtech Soul will no longer briefly revive champions. Instead, it will now provide additional damage as well as damage reduction when their health is low.

Along with this change, once the Chemtech Drake takes over the map, interactive plants will become mutated. This means that Scryer’s Bloom will now grant movement speed while chasing revealed enemies and Blast Cone will fling players further than before.

Hello @RiotPhroxzon, I’ve just seen the new LoL Pls video, the changes to communication & vision seem really cool, also pretty excited about chemtech drake coming back. I have to admit though, I’m pretty disappointed to here nothing about toplane and seeing jungle changed again.

For clarity, players will be able to travel from the blue buff to the mid lane by simply using the Blast Cone once the Chemtech Drake takes over.

Out of all these changes, the mutation aspect is definitely interesting. However, the increased damage and damage reduction can be problematic, especially if there is a champion like Tryndamere on the team.

Perhaps, this may be something that League of Legends developers will need to balance once the Chemtech Drake returns to Summoner’s Rift.