Discount registration for historic vehicles in Australia: Everything you need to know

Discount registration for historic vehicles in Australia: Everything you need to know

Own a classic or collectible car? It could be eligible for cheaper registration, if you don’t plan on driving it very often.

State and territory governments across Australia have introduced discounted registration for older vehicles – providing they are deemed to be a legitimate classic or collectible car, and not an old bomb.

However, authorities are now grappling with ways to stop motorists from rorting the discount registration scheme.

The intention of the program is to ease some of the financial burden on owners of classic cars, and to preserve historically significant vehicles for future generations.

South Australia is the latest jurisdiction to introduce new eligibility standards for historic vehicle registration, becoming the second state to lower the age of applicable vehicles from 30 years to 25 years.

From 1 July 2022, vehicles in South Australia aged 25 years and older are now eligible for the discounted registration – allowing up to 90 days of driving each year for an annual fee of about $85.

The change brings South Australia’s Conditional Registration Scheme into line with Victoria’s Club Permit Scheme, which allows cars aged 25 years and older to be driven for 90 days annually for less than $200.

In New South Wales, vehicles must be more than 30 years old to be eligible for the Historic Vehicle Scheme, with 60 days of driving available for $96 for the first year, and $47 thereafter.

While Queensland also limits its Special Interest Vehicle Concession Scheme to cars more than 30 years old, those vehicles can only be used for approved events throughout the year, with a cost of about $220 for those on the scheme.

Northern Territory conditions are similar to those in Queensland, with vehicles 30 years and older eligible under the Club Registration Scheme for around $130 annually – but they are only able to participate in special events.

Western Australia’s version, known as Concessions for Classics, is a little more complicated. Vehicles manufactured prior to 1990 can receive a discount of up to 75 per cent off the cost of standard registration, with 90 days total of driving available annually – 60 days for use in special events, and the remaining 30 days for personal use.

Tasmania also limits its Special Interest Vehicle Registration to cars aged 30 years or older, but comes with the caveat that they must be “in exceptional condition inside and out”. For around $200, those on the scheme get 104 days of logged driving each year.

Most of these schemes are only available to authorized car club members. For more information, contact your local state or territory government department.

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