DrDisrespect claims YouTube 'doesn't support him one bit'

DrDisrespect claims YouTube ‘doesn’t support him one bit’

Popular livestreamer DrDisrespect criticized his platform yet again, admiring his channel’s growth despite YouTube allegedly showing him no support.

DrDisrespect famously was permanently banned from Twitch in June 2020, with the reason for his indefinite suspension still being unknown. Only weeks later, DrDisrespect found a new home for livestreaming on YouTube. Though by force, DrDisrespect was among the first major streamers to leave Twitch for another platform.

Since joining YouTube, the former streamer of the year has continued to build his audience and prominently stood as one of the platform’s most popular livestreaming creators. In a recent Tweet, however, DrDisrespect claims that the success he’s seen has come without the support of YouTube.

Tweeted from his personal Guy Beahm account, DrDisrespect wrote about his alter ego’s time on YouTube. “It’s amazing to think the platform Doc streams on doesn’t support him one bit,” he wrote, “No follow, zero communication, absolutely no love. The impact we’ve had on YouTube streaming growth is insane. We’ve been taken advantage of…Jesus YouTube, show some respect.”

Image via Twitter.com/Guy Beahm

This is not the first time DrDisrespect has been openly critical of YouTube during its relatively short tenure on the platform. In May 2022, the streamer notably unfollowed YouTube after stating that the platform does not support its livestreaming division whatsoever.

Since DrDisrespect’s switch, countless other streamers such as Ludwig, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, CourageJD, TimTheTatman, and more have signed exclusive deals with YouTube. Though the platform’s roster of streamers has grown significantly, many creators and viewers alike have protested against the website’s support structure for streamers.

Though content with his success, DrDisrespect clearly thinks YouTube could be doing more to support its creators.