Electric powered Bushmaster armored vehicle

An electric-powered version of the Australian Army’s Bushmaster armored vehicle has been unveiled at a defense technology conference in Adelaide.

The Bushmaster is an 11-tonne, 4×4 protected vehicle designed to deflect explosions away from its passengers.

The vehicles were among the military equipment donated by the Australian government to Ukraine in its war against Russia earlier this year.

Assistant Defense Minister Matt Thistlethwaite inspects the electric-powered Bushmaster armored vehicle. (Supplied)

It is designed and built in by defense contractor Thales in Victoria.

Now an electric version of the Bushmaster, or the electric Protected Military Vehicle (ePMV), has been displayed at this week’s Chief of Army Symposium in Adelaide.

Assistant Defense Minister Matt Thistlethwaite said the vehicle promised better performance for army combat missions and the army plans to test it.

“This ePMV brings the benefits of electric vehicles to the battlefield, particularly being quieter than its combustion counterparts, and I look forward to seeing it perform in field trials.”

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The electric engine that powers a new version of the Australian built Bushmaster armored vehicle. (Defense Department) (Supplied)

Thistlethwaite said improving military technologies for the Australian Defense Force was a major goal for the federal government.

“As we are seeing around the world today, modern military personnel are joined on their missions by machines,” he said.

“This symposium enables army to work with industry to explore new and emerging technologies.”

“It is vital we support the exploration and development of these technologies, creating innovative advantages for the Australian Defense Force while supporting Australian industry and jobs.”