Fears person and dog were swept away in flooded Victorian creek

Police are calling for the public’s help following a report a person and a dog were swept away in a flooded creek in Victory‘s east early this morning.

A person and a small dog were seen walking down Whittakers Road in Traralgon about 5.30am, before the person appeared to stop to roll up their trousers near the banks of the swollen Traralgon Creek, according to police.

A witness has told police they believe the pair were then swept away in the creek.

Police want to identify this person and dog over fears they could have been swept away in a creek. (Nine)

The creek is at ‘minor flood levels’ after heavy rainfall in Gippsland.

Police have searched the area and have investigated sightings of the person and the dog and have been unable to confirm whether the pair was swept away.

Police have also not received any reports of people missing in the area, but are concerned about what may have happened to the person and the dog.

Victoria Police are trying to identify this person and their dog. (Nine)

Officers have released CCTV and images of the pair in the hope someone will come forward and help confirm their identity.

Police are also calling for the person themselves to contact police to let officers know they are okay.

It is believed the person may be wearing slippers and may have a slight limp.