Game publisher Playtonic warns customers about scam regarding upcoming game Lil Gator

Game publisher Playtonic warns customers about scam regarding upcoming game Lil Gator

Playtonic, the publisher and developer of the popular platforming game Yooka-Laylee, issued a public warning about a new type of scam floating around.

People are sending out fake notices via email and social media looking for players to try a demo of an upcoming game that isn’t ready yet.

The publisher stressed that an open beta for the upcoming game Lil Gator, an adventure game about an alligator, is not planned, let alone ready for the general public.

Taking to Twitter to post an official update regarding the situation, Playtonic announced that while they were aiming to release Lil Gator for the Switch and PC later this year, there is no set-in-stone release date.

“It has come to our attention that someone is offering beta testing for Lil Gator Game,” the company posted.

“We can confirm this is a scam and not from Playtonic or Lil Gator Game. If we were offering this to our communities, we would announce it on our Twitter and not via any other channels.

“Please do NOT click the links provided in the scam message! If you receive any suspicious messages claiming to be from Playtonic please let us know,” Playtonic continued.

Anyone who has received an email from either developer MegaWobble or Playtonic regarding Lil Gator should disregard any links attached.

Lil Gator is an adventure game that follows a little gator, as players direct the gator to gather, craft, and explore an open world.

Taking place on what appears to be a deserted island, players will be able to enjoy an “adorable adventure” where they can “climb, swim, glide, and slide your way into the hearts of the many different characters you meet on your travels! ”

Scams and hacking attempts are nothing new to the world of game development. A hacking company recently subpoenaed Google, PayPal, and Valve to fight a legal battle against popular Destiny 2 developers Bungie.

The developer has started taking individuals to court, recently suing a streamer for ‘cheating’ in the popular space shooter.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF