Google Search Tests Cloud Gaming – channelnews

Google Search Tests Cloud Gaming – channelnews

Google has begun testing of a new feature that will allow you to launch games on cloud streaming services directly from your search results.

Searching for a title that is available on an eligible cloud gaming service will now generate a play button, which when clocked, will launch the title directly.

The feature was spotted by Bryant Chappel of TheNerfReportwho noted that the feature is not unique to Google’s Stadia service, but will also work with Nvidia GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Amazon Luna.

Google has a similar feature with other entertainment streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus, where a search of a movie or TV show will give users the option to launch it.

The feature only works if you’re signed into a Google account that is also signed up to the relevant cloud gaming service, and not all games support it yet. It is also believed to still be in an A/B testing phase. TheVerge reported seeing the feature initially, but it has since disappeared, whilst both 9to5Google and Chappel still have access to the feature. ChannelNews is yet to see the feature.

The rollout of the feature is just one more sign that cloud gaming is gearing up to be the future of the industry, as the major players look to make it as accessible as possible.