google stadia, important news coming for the live streaming function

Google Stadia, important news coming for the live streaming function

google-will-show-cloud-games-in-the-results/”>Google Stadia is about to further improve the live streaming experience – a feature called is on the way Party Streaming according to what was anticipated by the colleagues of xda-developers. The deployment should already have started and will take about a week to complete.

Quite simply, it means that it will be possible stream live during a party, which we could basically define as the equivalent of a private group chat. The users included in a streaming party can be a maximum of ten, and a mix between players and spectators. The resulting video stream is only available to the party attendees themselves, rather than in public on YouTube. All typical party features – including voice chat, emoji reactions, and voice reactions – remain available.

The functionality will initially be available on desktop browser and official Android app; timing for distribution on other platforms has not yet been communicated.

At the same time, Stadia announced important improvements to the quality of the streaming experience: in essence, it will be possible change game and even device without having to stop and restart a broadcast. For example, just open the app on the new device and the message will automatically appear to resume streaming. It is worth noting that there are third-party software that allows for similar results, but they are not compatible with Stadia.