Guillermo del Toro still annoyed Konami scrapped 'Silent Hills'

Guillermo del Toro still annoyed Konami scrapped ‘Silent Hills’

Guillermo del Toro has shared his frustrations at the cancellation of silent hillsas fellow director Hideo Kojima commemorates the eight-year anniversary of its playable teaser.

Yesterday (August 12), Kojima took to Twitter to share an image of PT alongside the caption “it’s been eight years”, referencing the release of the playable demo that also acted as a teaser to silent hills – the planned Kojima-produced installation of the Silent Hill franchise.

However six months later, Konami canceled the game after three years of development with Kojima then going independent with his studio Kojima Productions.

It looks like Guillermo del Toro, who was set to direct the game alongside Kojima, is still frustrated by the studio’s decision to scrap silent hills. I have quoted the Tweet and added “FK”, which was used by many as shorthand for “Fuck Konami” when the cancellation was announced.

Elsewhere, Kojima revealed that he expected it to take much longer for fans to complete PT and uncover that it was actually a playable teaser of silent hills.

“Secretly announced and distributed at Gamescom in Cologne eight years ago. We estimated that it would take about two months to complete the game because we had put in many layers of mechanisms that could only be solved with the cooperation of many users,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The result was solved in just two days, and I remember being asked on stage about PT at the talk show with Geoff [Keighley] at Gamescom. I gave my answer with a sense of failure,” he added.

Kojima and del Toro went on to work together on 2019’s Death Stranding. While last year, it was reported that Konami plans to revive metal gear solid, Castlevania and Silent Hillthough no further details have been confirmed

In other news, a sequel to the classic horror franchise Alone In The Dark has been announced, and it’s coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.