PT Silent Hills 8 Anniversary

Hideo Kojima and Former Konami Staff Reflect on PT During Its 8th Anniversary

Many gamers and especially fans of Silent Hill are aware of the short-lived horror game known as PT (short for Playable Teaser). It was originally going to be a completely new Silent Hill game in collaboration with Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro. This, unfortunately, would never come to be, as many fans know that the fallout between Kojima Productions and Konami in 2015 resulted in the ambitious game being canceled. It was then taken down from the PlayStation Store, and PT is no longer available to be downloaded in any official capacity.


There have been multiple times that fans have attempted to recreate the horror experience that the original PT did Fans have tried to bring the game back in multiple ways, such as a remake of PT in halo-infinite‘s Forge mode. Eight years after its cancellation, Hideo Kojima and a former staff member of Konami, Pearl L, reflected on the game and the day of its removal.

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Kojima posted on his English Twitter account how it’s the eighth year of PT, and recalls the experience of distributing the game at Gamescom. He and his team estimated that fans would take two months to complete the game, even if multiple players were playing all at once to experience all the mechanics that were present in the game. PT was solved in a mere two days, which resulted in fans being able to see the trailer for silent hills. He recalls being on stage with Geoff Keighley at Gamescom, where he expressed a sense of “failure,” likely meaning he hoped the mystery would linger longer.

After Kojima posted to his Twitter account, former Konami staff member Pearl L chimed in with her own thoughts about setting up the game, being responsible for the fake publisher, the surprise release of the game, as well as being the one who had to call Sony when it was time to remove it. She states that the request to take down PT and block it from being redownloaded was a “super fun” conversation. She would then go on to answer many questions fans had about PT‘s removal, with the exact reason why the game was being removed due to Konami itself.

In her replies, Pearl L makes it known that it was a tough situation working at Konami during this time, with the support teams within the company and Sony deserving special praise for putting up with the brunt of accusations from fans. She notes it was an exceptionally awkward time contacting Sony, due to the complicated requirements to get it set up, and then being asked to list and block redownloads, the first time this ever happened to Sony.

PT was canceled and is no longer in development.

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