Holden ZB Commodore brake booster recall

Holden ZB Commodore brake booster recall

Holden has recalled almost 14,000 examples of the last car to wear the Commodore badge.

Sold to customers between 2017 and 2020, Holden’s ZB Commodore was a last roll of the dice from a brand clinging to life in Australia.

A recall notice for the European-sourced machine says the car’s brake booster may fail due to a manufacturing defect.

“If this occurs the stopping distance in the un-boosted condition would exceed the distance prescribed by the Australian Design Rule (ADR) 31/03,” the notice says.

“If the brake booster does not operate as intended, it could increase the risk of an accident causing serious injury or death to vehicle occupants and/or other road users.”

Holden finished assembly of locally-built VF Commodores in Elizabeth, South Australia in 2017. The German-built ZB Commodore took its place in showrooms until it was phased out when Holden decided to retire the Commodore name in December 2019.

Holden announced plans to end sales of all new cars in Australia weeks later in February 2020, before closing its local business at the end of that year.

The manufacturer still offers maintenance, repair and warranty work through a service network.

Models affected by the latest recall will receive a free software update that should address the issue.

More info: Holden Customer Care, 1800 46 465 336