There are many Sanctuaries hidden behind cracked rock walls in Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)

How to break Sanctuary Rocks in Tower of Fantasy

Throughout Tower of Fantasy, players will come across Sanctuary Rocks that will lead to a hidden room on the other side. These rocks are giant walls with cracks in them that are highlighted when a player targets them. It takes more than a simple target and attack combination to open them up, however.

The only way to break open the Sanctuary Rocks and access the area on the other side is by using a Relic called the Missile Barrage. This can be obtained fairly early in the game, in one of the very first dungeons.

How to break rock walls in Tower of Fantasy with missiles

The Missile Barrage will decimate Sanctuary Rocks in Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)
The Missile Barrage will decimate Sanctuary Rocks in Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)

Players will quickly realize that Sanctuary Rocks are near-indestructible, even though they look somewhat destroyed already. Moreover, Tower of Fantasy doesn’t really explain how they can be fully broken at the start. To do that, the Missile Barrage is the tool needed.

Missile Barrage is a Relic that can be utilized in and out of combat. In both instances, the Relic spawns a missile launcher behind the player and fires several missiles forward.

The Relic can be made to shoot missiles wildly or in a specific direction by targeting hostiles and rock walls. Each missile that lands deals a solid 34.8% damage based on the player’s ATK stat, which means the entire barrage can dish out a lot of hurt.

Players just need to open the Relics menu and select the Missile Barrage. It can be assigned to one of the Relic shortcut buttons or activated right from the Relics page.

If missiles are used on Sanctuary Rocks, they will break. A massive hole will be opened that Tower of Fantasy players will be able to enter, revealing an area devoid of enemies. Players can rest here for a moment and potentially find a lot of treasure as well.

How to acquire the Missile Barrage

A look at the Missile Barrage Relic (Image via Perfect World)
A look at the Missile Barrage Relic (Image via Perfect World)

Getting the Missile Barrage Relic depends on how fast players move through the first chapter in Tower of Fantasy. Those that focus on the story and its missions instead of exploring aimlessly can get to that point rather quickly.

By completing the main questline, players will eventually be introduced to the dungeons. These are called Ruins, and the first one, Ruins A-01, must be completed to forward the story.

While inside Ruins A-01, players will stumble upon a character named Smart Servant Peanut. Interacting with this NPC will grant them the Enchanted Cube Relic. This item can be opened to reveal the Missile Barrage Relic.

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The game will provide a brief explanation regarding the Missile Barrage tool and allow players to use it for the first time; several Sanctuary Rocks are found inside Ruins A-01 that can be broken down with the Relic.

The remainder of the dungeon needs to be beaten, including its final boss, so that players can continue exploring in Tower of Fantasy and utilize the Missile Barrage on Sanctuary Rocks elsewhere.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh