How to keep bath towels 'soft and fresh' for longer - the laundry product to avoid

How to keep bath towels ‘soft and fresh’ for longer – the laundry product to avoid

Laundry can be a chore, especially when it comes to bath towels. While it is important to wash them at high temperatures and not mix them with other fabrics, with energy bills on the rise, this may not be possible for some people. According to one expert, Britons should avoid using bleach and fabric softeners.

Jessica Hanley, founder of Piglet in Bed, said: “Wash your new towels before you use them.

“Nearly all new towels are coated with softeners that are often used during the finishing process, which provides that extra-fluffy look that you see at the store.

“The coating can restrict the absorbency of your towels, so it’s best practice to wash them before your first use.”

According to the expert, this can affect the color and quality of the towels.

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“Washing towels with clothes can transfer a lot of bacteria between each item in the washing cycle.

“Putting towels in their own load allows towels to dry easier, as damp towels typically dry slower than clothes.

“Make sure you shake any excess water from your towels before placing them in the dryer, as this will help fluff the material and keep them absorbent.

“Avoid leaving wet towels to sit in the washer for a long period of time, as this can result in an unpleasant musty smell.”

Drying towels on a high heat can damage the cotton fibers.

Opting to dry towels outside can make them crisper, which some people may like.

If choosing to dry towels in a tumble dryer, especially in the winter months, the expert recommended drying at 40 degrees.

Jessica said: “This will help achieve your desired softness, eliminating bacteria in the process.

“In the summer months, take advantage of the sun to let your towels air dry – the ultimate all-natural dryer that helps maintain the integrity of the fabric, and keeps your towels soft and fresh.”

When it comes to storing towels, the expert recommended folding them to achieve a square shape.