How to play co-op in Tower of Fantasy with friends online

How to play co-op in Tower of Fantasy with friends online

Playing games by yourself isn’t always fun, especially with a game as big as Tower of Fantasy that has a lot to explore and complete with others by your side.

That’s why it’s a good thing that there is an option to play with friends in the game, even if it might not be spelled out from the get-go. The process to play with friends is simple if you know what to do, but newcomers might find it tricky to find the right menus or things needed to access it.

As such, here is how you can play co-op with friends online in Tower of Fantasy so you can jump into each other’s world and fight the magnitude of bosses on offer.

How to play with friends online in Tower of Fantasy

  1. First, make sure you have the player you want to co-op with added to your friends list. You can find out how to do that here.
Screengrab via Perfect World

2. Bring up the friends list and find the person you want to play with. Double click on the character’s face to open up a separate menu.

3. As long as the person is online, click on the “Team Invitations” option. This will bring up the “My Team” menu.

Screengrab via Perfect World

3b. Alternatively if you are already on a Team, you can click one of the empty plus icons and select the friend you want to join from there.

4. Once all the friends you want to play with have joined, click the “Go” button to start the session. Just be sure to set an objective, among anything else the system asks you to do, beforehand.

You can also add players to your team that you have come across in the world or add randoms without needing to have them on your friends list if you know their character name.