The mailbox is an exciting part of Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)

How to see your mail in Tower of Fantasy

Players are able to communicate back and forth by sending each other mail in Tower of Fantasy.

It is great to talk to friends in chat while playing. However, sometimes, the schedules of two players do not align, and players need to send messages to keep their teammates in the loop. This is where the ToF mail system comes into play.

The game’s mail system also acts as a channel for players to obtain their rewards. There could be compensation for server issues or log-in rewards waiting in the mailbox. Thus, players should be on the lookout for an envelope at all times.

How to check mail in Tower of Fantasy

Mail in Tower of Fantasy may contain rewards (Image via Perfect World)
Mail in Tower of Fantasy may contain rewards (Image via Perfect World)

If a player is in the middle of a session, they will be immediately notified of any mail. An envelope icon will appear in the top left corner of the screen, next to the minimap.

For those who receive mail while they are logged out of Tower of Fantasy, the envelope icon will be waiting there when they sign back in. Be sure to look for the envelope after logging in to make sure that you are always up to date.

Here is how to open the mailbox and read through the mail sent from friends or the development team:

  • Mobile players can tap on the envelope icon to directly open their mailbox
  • PC players are able to click it with their mouse while holding the Alt key to bring the mailbox screen up
  • If there is no new mail and players want to access the mailbox, they can click on the three hexagons at the top right corner
  • Selecting the Friends menu will allow access to the Social Networking section which has a Mailbox tab that can be viewed
  • The left side of the Mailbox tab will hold all of the mail that has been received and not deleted up until that point
  • Click or tap on the mail to see what it says

Players have a 400 mail limit before they run out of space in their inbox. There are also a couple of handy buttons underneath that players should be aware of.

One button is labeled “Claim All.” Pressing that button will automatically claim every reward. The other option is “Delete All,” which will delete all mail and clear up space in the mailbox.

How to send mail in Tower of Fantasy

Players can send letters to friends and recent players (Image via Tower of Fantasy)
Players can send letters to friends and recent players (Image via Tower of Fantasy)

Sending mail is a bit different than checking it in Tower of Fantasy. To send mail to their friends, players have to follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the ‘Friends’ tab.
  • The ‘Recent’ list will contain the names of all players that were recently added, and the ‘Friends’ list will contain a list of all friends. Click on a player’s name from either list.
  • A letter area will appear
  • Type your letter up to 50 characters and send it

Once players get a response, they can follow the aforementioned steps to check their mail and reply.