Kate Middleton ditched item as not suited for 'future Queen' - Princess Beatrice favorite

Kate Middleton ditched item as not suited for ‘future Queen’ – Princess Beatrice favorite

A spokesperson from Karen Millen explained Kate Middleton’s use of accessories is “a perfect example of her admirable ability to discreetly use her style to compliment the events she attends.”

The fashion expert explained “the Duchess is quite partial to a luxe headband, or a ‘hatband’, for formal occasions” as worn to events such as Prince Louis’ christening.

The Duchess of Cambridge used to wear hatbands, which is essentially an oversized headband, “whether it was to add some colour-coordination to her outfit or keep her hair from her face”.

The stylist claimed that although Kate’s “accessory choices have routinely scored highly with audiences,” she decided to ditch the headbands and hasn’t been seen wearing one in years.

This is because the royal “does not want to divert too much attention away from the main focus of the event,” the expert claimed.

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Instead, the Duchess usually prefers “minimal and tasteful jewellery” to pair with her everyday outfits.

Celebrity stylist and The Feel Good Fashion Coach Miranda Holder commented: “Kate used to be a fan of headbands, but since working closely with her friend and stylist Natasha Archer to develop her own personal brand, they have had no place in her wardrobe.

“Kate’s style personality is more classic and elegant, which suits both her lovely figure and her future role as our Queen.”

Miranda said the more traditional hat is a better option to wear on formal occasions and “she does so with panache and just enough drama to keep fashionistas on their toes”.


Princess Beatrice, on the other hand, has been a fan of headbands for years and chooses the accessory for most official engagements.

Miranda explained: “Over recent years, Princess Beatrice has really come into her own in the style stakes.

“She has developed a signature feminine look which is instantly recognizable.

“The Princess has a very soft, feminine style, which she expresses through pretty embellishments, floaty clothing and her trademark headbands or their more substantial relatives the ‘hatbands’.

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“These are a less formal, prettier alternative to wearing a hat.”

According to the stylist, headbands “perfectly suit Beatrice’s style personality, which is romantic with a classic twist”.

The expert revealed using a headband is also a fashion trick stylists use to add a bit of flattering volume to the overall silhouette.

By adding a headband to her look, Princess Beatrice “balances out her figure and creates a look which is pleasing to the eye”.

Miranda explained the fashion trick works by “strategically ‘adding volume’ either by literally using bulkier clothing or accessories or by adding embellishments which naturally draw the eye”.

“This is a common trick used by stylists all over the world to help their clients look their best,” Miranda said.

According to the fashion expert, Sarah Burton, the Alexander McQueen designer of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, “took this one step further.”

She used this trick and “literally added padding to Kate’s bottom area, to further balance out her frame, making her waist appear even tinier,” Miranda revealed.