Larry Emdur walks off in hysterics live on-air - leaving co-host Kylie Gillies confused

Larry Emdur walks off in hysterics live on-air – leaving co-host Kylie Gillies confused

Larry Emdur has had a serious case of the giggles, laughing so hard that he had to momentarily abandon a segment on Friday’s The Morning Show.

The hilarity began when the normally unflappable Larry – widely known for his composure and immaculate articulation – tried to pronounce a dinosaur name.

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But his attempt at “diplodocus” came out completely wrong, sounding more like “dipo-lacko-ducko-dos”.

After his failed try at the word, co-host Kylie Gillies corrected him.

Larry then tried to continue with the script – but became totally immersed in a giggling fit.

Larry Edmur covers his face. Credit: TMS

Composing himself just long enough to be able to speak again, he protested that the way he had pronounced “diplodocus” was the way that “everyone says it”.

“It’s not just me,” he insisted.

The laughter continued, with Larry doubling over as he giggled, before waving his hand about, as if telling the cameras to stop rolling on him.

Larry Emdur briefly walks off the set. Credit: TMS

A still-incapacitated Larry then began shaking his head, before momentarily walking off camera.

Somewhat confused, Kylie asked him: “Did I say something wrong? No what, tell me”, before inviting Larry back into camera view.

Larry grabbed his glasses and tried to re-read his script, as Kylie asked, “What, diplodocus?… I don’t get it.”

Joking, Larry then said, “Please, (you) read the words.”

Kylie Gillies looks off camera laughing. Credit: TMS

‘I don’t understand’

Kylie tried to continue with the segment, but ‘laughing Larry’ was not done.

Wanting to make his point, he said that “All I was saying was that people say that”, referring to his unique pronunciation of “diplodocus”.

“But I don’t know if that’s the word, exactly,” he said.

Kylie looked over to the producers off-camera, laughing, before telling her co-host “I don’t understand”.

Neither host can stop laughing. Credit: TMS

Larry then asked Kylie how she pronounced “diplodocus”, prompting her to gently sledge him.

“No, no, no,” she joked, “You didn’t know the word (diplodocus) and you made it up (the pronunciation).”

Larry eventually managed to snap back into focus and continue with the segment.

His uncontrolled laughing fit was a rare departure from his normal on-screen composition.

Away from The Morning Show, Larry is also known for his laser-sharp focus and crisp diction as host of The Chase Australia.

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