Lego celebrates 90th year with 94,128-piece birthday cake at toy company's hometown

Lego celebrates 90th year with 94,128-piece birthday cake at toy company’s hometown

Iconic toy brand Lego has marked its 90th anniversary this week with a 94,128-piece birthday cake.

The Danish company unveiled the cake to mark the anniversary and launch a series of events at stores around the world.

The cake, featuring nine layers representing nine decades of Lego play, was built by employees and put on display at the Lego House in Billund — home of the Lego brick.

The family-owned company was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen.

His grandchild Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, born in 1947, often inspired and tested new ideas and appeared in the company’s packaging and marketing.

He went on to become Lego’s chief executive from 1979 to 2004.


The company name came from “leg godt”, meaning “play well” in Danish.

The company’s core product, the Lego brick, was first produced in its current form in 1958.

“When my great-grandfather founded the company 90 years ago, he recognized that play could change the lives of children,” Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, Lego’s current chairman, said.

Lego produces around 100 billion bricks each year.(ABC News: Ian Cutmore)

“It brings families together and helps children develop skills that can enable them to reach their full potential.

“He only had a small workshop, but he had big ambitions to ensure as many children as possible could experience the benefits that play brings.

“Whether 1932, 2022 or on our 100th anniversary in 2032, we have and will always strive to continue Ole’s legacy by helping all families, wherever they are in the world, to play well.”

Lego produces roughly 100 billion bricks each year and employs around 24,000 people worldwide.