Steel Valkyries skins might return in 2022

LoL Steel Valkyries skins might return in 2022

Datamined PBE files suggest that the Steel Valkyries skin line might return in 2022.

The Steel Valkyries is a popular skin line with skin like Gun Goddess Miss Fortune and Dreadnova Gangplank. A new leak suggests that there could be more Steel Valkyries skins coming this year.

The Steel Valkyries are a series of alternate universe skins. This alternate universe contains both the Steel Valkyries skin line in addition to the Dreadnova skin line. There are a total of seven skins in this universe, five of them are Steel Valkyrie skins, and two of them are the Dreadnova skins.

Currently, Miss Fortune, Renata, Kayle, Kai’Sa, and Morgana are part of the Steel Valkyrie banner. Darius and Gangplank are part of the Dreadnova banner. The Steel Valkyrie banner consists of only female champions, and the male champions fall under the Dreadnova banner.

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Steel Valkyries Skins 2022

Big Bad Bear, a well-known leaker in the League of Legends community along with ByDanngel, has data mined some interesting information from the PBE (Public Beta Environment). They found some data regarding The Steel Valkyries skin line and what champions might be getting the skins. Furthermore, they also revealed that a Steel Valkyries VS Dreadnova event could be coming this year.

Image Credit: Big Bad Bear

The data mined information contained a chat log which suggests we could be getting a Camille skin called “Commander Camille.” There were a few more containing chat logs about other Steel Valkyries skins.

  • (1x) Y03 – Principality – Irelia?
  • (1x) Z01 – Orion – Leona/Pantheon/Varus?
  • (1x) S02 – Anubis – Nasus?
  • (1x) X09 – Zephyr W/ AI Operator (Experimental) – Janna?

Steel Valkyrie Irelia, Leona, and Janna, along with Dreadnova Pantheon and Nasus, are speculated to be revealed in the chatlogs. However, it is not sure which skins will be released as we do not have any solid information regarding the matter.

It is not confirmed yet, but Commander Camille is believed to be a Legendary skin. Which would make it Camille’s first legendary skin for her. The Steel Valkyrie Irelia skin could be a Legendary skin as well.

The chat logs also tease Steel Legion/Crownguard Garen & Lux. Whether it will be a new skin or a reference to the old skin is still unknown. They might also try incorporating the Steel Legion skin line into the Steel Valkyries universe.

Steel Valkyries Skins Release Date

We currently do not know when the new Steel Valkyries skins will be released, but the skins should come out within 2022. We will cover more details about the skin when it comes to PBE, so make sure to check us on Twitter.