Looking for a wireless gaming mouse?  This offer is for you

Looking for a wireless gaming mouse? This offer is for you

The EVGA X20 is one of those gaming accessories that will make us enjoy our games more from the first moment. Not only because of its attractive and different design, but also because of the quality it offers when playing. If you don’t know it, keep reading, it will surely interest you.

Games to another level with this wireless mouse

We are talking about a wireless mouse especially suitable for gaming. is able to offer personalization, precision and accuracy since it has a triple sensor. We are able to achieve faster reading speeds by using its dual LOD sensors, combined with a Pixart 3335 optical sensor and the most advanced 3D matrix technology and get the best performance.

The mouse has RGB lights that we will be able to customize in all directions. We can also load up to five custom profiles to make configurations on the fly. Its quick-response mechanism uses mechanical torque and 10 grams of preloaded weight, allowing both left and right clicks to be more responsive.

It has a high-precision sensor that reaches 16000dpi with a personalized fit and a highly ergonomic design. Dispose of 3 connection modes so that we can use it properly in any situation. Whether it’s with its 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a speed of 1 ms, Bluetooth or USB connection, we can use it to get the most out of it. In addition, it has 10 configurable buttons with a life cycle of 60 million clicks. And its battery can reach 60 hours of use.

Its measures are 122.7 x 70.3 x 44.5mm (length, width, height) for a total weight of 123 grams, so it is ideal if we like large and heavy mice. In addition, on both sides it has a rubberized grip area so that sweat does not slip when playing.

Take the EVGA X20 with a huge discount

As we have been able to verify, the EVGA X20 is a wireless mouse that has everything necessary to ensure that we enjoy all our games. And best of all is at the price that we will be able to buy it for a limited time on Amazon. And it is that although this amounts to €97, now we are going to be able to get it for only €29, which means a discount of more than 67%, a real bargain!

This wireless mouse for gamers is sold and shipped directly by Amazon, so we will enjoy free shipping and the guarantee of the e-commerce giant worldwide in case of any problem.