Lumina's Smart Desk Will Change The Way You Work – Review Geek

Lumina’s Smart Desk Will Change The Way You Work – Review Geek


This week, Lumina unveiled an upcoming product that could revolutionize working-from-home forever. The Lumina Desk feels like the desk of the future that we should have had a decade ago.

The star of the show is the desk’s 24-inch OLED screen integrated into the tabletop. This screen shows you information from apps such as Google Calendar, Google News, Slack, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, Robinhood, Health, Messages, Clock, Weather, and Todoist. But, you can probably expect more compatible apps to be announced before the desk’s mid-2023 release.

The integrated display is a non-touch screen to avoid accidental inputs from items placed on the surface. You’ll control the display through the computer you connect to the desk.

This standing desk measures 29.5 inches wide and 59 inches long, so you’ll have room for everything you need. Plus, you can adjust your height from a low of 30 inches to 47 inches tall. And its aluminum alloy and stainless steel construction and anti-glare reinforced glass tabletop surface mean it can take a good deal of punishment.

Desks are often cluttered with devices that need charging. Lumina has you covered there too. The Lumina Desk features two 20×20-inch wireless charging pads on either side of the integrated display, as well as six power outlets and six USB-C ports tucked away in its 826 cubic inches of cable management space.

A desk this revolutionary will set you back a few bucks, though. Lumina hasn’t disclosed the price of the desk yet, but states in the product’s FAQ section that it should fall in the “mid-$1000 range.” If you’re ready to get the desk of the future today, you can get on the waiting list and make a deposit through Lumina’s website.