McDonalds fan shares hack to get ‘Big Macs for half price’

Everyone loves a money-saving hack, and even more so if it involves popular McDonald’s fast-food joint.

One Macca’s fan in the US has shared a trick he uses to save a few dollars when ordering a Big Mac – and it’s one you could even replicate in Australia.

“What McDonald’s workers don’t want you to know,” Tiktoker Mark, who shares money saving tips on his account @financeunfoldedwrote in the clip, which you can watch above.

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McDonalds fan shares hack to get 'Big Macs for half price' on tiktok
A McDonalds fan has shared his hack to get ‘Big Macs for half price’ online. (Tik Tok)

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He went on to share his hack for “always getting Big Macs for half off”, revealing he instead orders a McDouble – it costs about $US2.79.

When you order, Mark said to remove the ketchup and mustard, and add lettuce for $0.30. He then orders a serving of Big Mac sauce on the side, but he said to ask for this after you’ve ordered in the hopes they do n’t charge you for the extra sauce.

Though even if they do, his final burger cost just $US3.09 (or US$3.59 with extra sauce), which is cheaper than the usual $US5.93 on average for a Big Mac in the US.

“This is almost half the price of a normal Big Mac and you get literally the same ingredients,” Mark added.

In Australia, a Big Mac currently costs around $7.10, according to the MyMacca’s app, though prices can vary.

You might also be thinking, ‘but we don’t have McDoubles in Australia’. But you can try the same method using a double cheeseburger instead. The only difference is an extra slice of cheese. You should still save around $0.60.

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Classic McDonald's Big Mac is in the top 5 most popular items
In Australia, a Big Mac currently costs around $7.10. (Supplied)

The video has received over 7,000 likes with plenty of people loving the burger trick.

One person even added an extra tip, commenting: “If you use the word ‘substitute’ you don’t have to pay for the [extra] willow.”

Though others weren’t convinced saying the substitute was still missing some key Big Mac elements.

“You’re also missing the middle bun and the sesame seeds,” one person pointed out.

“Except the type of burger they use is different,” another said.

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