Domenic Perre in handcuffs in custody.

NCA bomber Domenic Perre loses appeal against conviction for spitting on police officer

Domenic Perre — the man found guilty over a deadly parcel bomb attack on the National Crime Authority in Adelaide nearly three decades ago — has lost a bid to overturn a guilty verdict for spitting at a police officer in prison.

In March, a magistrate found Perre, 65, guilty of aggravated assault for spitting at Detective Brevet Sergeant Simon Cassell when he came to interview him at the Adelaide Remand Center in 2018.

Brevet Sergeant Cassell and his colleague, Detective Sergeant Andrew Bull, had gone to the remand center to investigate an alleged assault on Perre by another prisoner.

The detectives had been told Perre did not want to speak to the police, but went to his cell to ask him about the assault.

After Brevet Sergeant Cassell identified himself as a police officer, Perre turned his head and spat towards him, with the spit landing on his jacket lapel.

Perre was convicted, but received no extra jail time.

He lodged an appeal against the guilty verdict, which Chief Justice Chris Kourakis dismissed this morning.

The aftermath of the bombing of the NCA building in Adelaide in 1994.(Courts Administration Authority)

Perre watched the hearing through a video link from custody.

After the brief hearing was adjourned his lawyer explained what happened.

“His Honor has dismissed the appeal,” the lawyer said.

“Of course, yeah,” Perre replied.

“The system’s a total a***hole,” Perre said moments before his video link was disconnected.

Perre’s lawyer argued it was an “improbability” that Perre’s spit could have traveled as far as alleged.

They argued the magistrate insufficiently explained his reasons for being satisfied beyond reasonable doubt about Perre’s guilt and took “an erroneously narrow view of the forensic disadvantage suffered by Mr Perre as a result of the investigation failures”.