Neighbors star Ben Turland teases new role after soap exit

Neighbors star Ben Turland teases new role after soap exit

form neighbors star Ben Turland has teased more details about his upcoming role in new psychological thriller series Riptide.

“It’s going well and everyone’s nice – there are a lot of the same crew from neighbors working on it,” revealed Turland in an interview with Inside Soap.

According to the soap star, his new character is not dissimilar to the role he played on neighbors.

FremantleChannel 5

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“My character is quite misunderstood, he’s had it pretty tough, but he loves his family. He’s not too far away from Hendrix!”

Riptidea new prime-time Channel 5 drama set in Australia, is being made by neighbors‘production company Fremantle Australia.

Two more familiar soap faces will star in the show – former EastEnders star Jo Joyner and Turland’s neighbors co-star Peter O’Brien.

O’Brien, who recently reprized his role as Shane Ramsay for the Aussie soap’s final weeks, will play a main character in the drama.

jo joyner on lorraine


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Joyner will play Alison, whose life is disrupted when her Australian husband vanishes after a morning surf.

It’s unclear whether he was caught up in a dangerous riptide, or whether there’s more to his disappearance than meets the eye as this intriguing mystery plays out.

Turland also addressed his final performance as Hendrix Grayson, who tragically died on the soap after battling with pulmonary fibrosis.

The actor revealed the positive response he had to his emotional exit from the soap and said “It was so beautiful.”

“I’ve had a lot of messages from people – I had a family member who was recently diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, and I have other relatives who’ve had friends pass away from it. They said it was a pretty accurate story of someone with that condition. Just hearing that was enough.”

neighbors has now come to an end, but catch-up episodes are available via My 5 (UK) and 10 Play (Australia).

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