Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Receives New Major Update 'Fight for the Throne'

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Receives New Major Update ‘Fight for the Throne’

players of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds would have received another notice to update their game client in recent days, with Netmarble rolling out a new update to the smartphone mobile game dubbed ‘Fight for the Throne’.

In “Fight for the Throne,” players battle to become the strongest kingdom in the server. Four kingdoms enter the battle as they attempt to bring the dragon to their own base. The winning kingdom will need to reach a specific score and implement unique strategies to overcome their opponents. The winning army will be designated as a “Capital Kingdom” on the server and will receive honor and rewards for their efforts. A Special Kingdom Skin (Kingdom decorative element) and costume will be awarded as well as its very own policy for special events on the server. Want to see what the costumes are like for the Kingdom Lord and Kingdom Members? They are freaking adorable!

Furthermore, this update allows players to have their own pet, separate from the familiars that fight alongside you. According to Netmarble, these cute creatures “follow the player and provide added fun and collectability to the game’s overall experience”. Additionally, a new play mode has been added where players can choose the quest’s mode in ‘Auto / Semi-Auto / Manual’ for their play preference.

Other new in-game events added in this update to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds include:

‘Fight for the Throne’ Opening Event: A newly added Cheer feature allows players to cheer kingdoms, joining the fight. Players who use this feature during a specific cheering period will receive a 4★ Decoration Chest.

Cooking Competition Episode Eve Event: Based on mission points, players can obtain the 4★ Sore Boar Familiar and various power up materials. Mission Points can be earned by completing various missions such as Cook in the Kingdom and Conquest Missions.

Celebration Event for ‘Capital Kingdom’ update: New daily missions will be available across a 7 day period including Missions Use HP Potion, Defeat World Boss and more. Players will receive Power Up Materials and chances to win a 4★ Weapon Bundle Chest, which provides a variety of 4★ weapons.

Developed by Netmarble and based on the popular PS3/PS4 era video game duology Ni no Kuni, Ni no Kuni: Cross is now available on iOS and Android players, in addition to the PC using cross-play.