Overwatch Update 3.32 Punches Out for Anniversary Remix Volume 3 (August 9)

Blizzard Entertainment has released Overwatch update 3.32 on all platforms, and this is to bring the Anniversary Remix Volume 3 event into the game! In addition to that, there are a few bug fixes included as well, which are all listed in the official Overwatch August 9 patch notes.

Overwatch Update 3.32 Patch Notes | Overwatch August 9 Patch Notes:


After six great years of payload pushing and high-intensity brawls around the world, the fight for the future is just beginning. Now, as we prepare to enter a new era of epic competition, it’s time for one last hurrah. Join the party in style with remixed skins Tagged Tracer, Varsity D.Va, Genjiman Genji, and more. Earn weekly rewards and play all your favorite seasonal brawls for the final time before the launch of Overwatch 2!

Earn and purchase Anniversary Loot Boxes throughout the event! Each Loot Box has a chance to contain items from past Anniversary and seasonal events; don’t wait too long to snag those skins you’ve been eyeing for the past year, though–Loot Boxes will no longer be available for sale after the end of the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event. However, you will still be able to earn standard loot boxes after the end of the event.

Play Anniversary Remix: Vol 3 now through August 30.



  • Resolved an issue with Overwatch League tokens not displaying in-client after purchase


Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug with Wrecking Ball’s Grappling Claw cooldown erroneously resetting after using other abilities


  • Fixed issues with Cassidy’s grill being misplaced in ‘Duel’ and ‘Rolling into Action’ highlight intros

For the full Anniversary Remix Volume 3 details on weekly rewards and more, head on over here.

Source: Overwatch