Spider Man Remastered Launches On Pc

“Spider-Man Remastered” Launches On PC

Sony Interactive Ent.

Insomniac Games’ “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered” has been released on PC with a new launch trailer for the title also available.

Reviews for Nixxes Software’s PC port of the game which launched four years ago on PlayStation (with this remaster launching two years ago on PS5) have been very good, with acclaim for the title running across multiple generations of hardware – including the Steam Deck.

On Metacritic the PC port is scoring 87/100, on par with the original PS4 release. On Steam, with over 7,000 reviews counted, the reaction has been ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’. The few negative reviews (around 3%) have most often complained about crashes on their specific systems – presumably to be fixed with future patches.

Reviews of the game have confirmed the biggest upgrade is ray traced reflections which go beyond the PS5 with a ‘very high’ setting for those on high-end hardware such as RTX 3000 series and Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards. The detail level is noticeably higher thanks to true 4K resolution whilst still offering ray tracing and 60+ fps.

One minor downside compared to the PS5 version is load times according to Digital Foundry’s test. Loading from the menu into the regular game on the PS5 was 1.92 seconds, while PC (12900K w/ 3.5Gb NVMe drive) was 3.03 seconds. The first launch time of the game was 1.6 seconds on PS5 compared to over 4 seconds on various forms of PC.

Running the title in 4K with top-end hardware – an Intel i9-12900K CPU and NVIDIA RTX 3090 GPU – with everything up to its highest setting and DLSS (Quality) on results in frame rates around or a little consistently above 60fps.

One common caveat in reviews is that this is a game that really demands a controller as opposed to a keyboard and mouse, though it is playable on those. Some have been having issues with third party controllers, with instructions for a fix available here.

The game is the first in Sony’s PC library to offer full DualSense controller support (albeit wired only via USB-C cable) with the game designed to take full advantage of the haptic rumble, the adaptive triggers, the touchpad, and the built-in speaker – making it the preferred choice above the Xbox Elite 2 or Xbox Series X gamepad for the PC version.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered” is currently available on Steam, Epic and more PC platforms. It marks the fourth major formerly exclusive PlayStation title to come to PC following “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” “Days Gone,” and “God of War” (along with earlier console exclusive titles like “Death Stranding,” “Journey,” “ Heavy Rain,” “Detroit Become Human”).

PC sales of those titles make up only a fraction of console sales (in the case of “Horizon: Zero Dawn” around 10%, “God of War” closer to 5%), but it’s big enough now even the PlayStation website has been updated this week to incorporate a new dedicated PC section.

“Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection,” “The Last of Us Part I,” and “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” are all expected to be arriving on the PC soon, while users are hoping numerous other exclusives will make the jump in coming years including “Ghost of Tsushima,” “The Last of Us Part II,” “God of War: Ragnarok,” “Horizon: Forbidden West,” “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection,” “Infamous Second Son,” “Shadow of the Colossus: Remastered,” “Until Dawn,” “The Last Guardian,” “Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart” and “Bloodborne” among others.