The Block 'quitter' Elle Ferguson's brutal move against co-star

The Block ‘quitter’ Elle Ferguson’s brutal move against co-star

The Block’s star couple Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull are apparently not looking to stay in touch with some of their fellow contestants.

The global influencer and her ex-AFL player fiance dramatically exited the show after just two days, leaving host Scott Cam furious and their co-stars baffled.

Addressing the scandal on Weekend Today On Sunday, contestant Sarah-Jane Wilson revealed that Elle had recently blocked her on social media.

“You’ve had no contact with (Elle and Joel) since (they left)?” Today host Belinda Russell asked.

“No, I got blocked. She blocked me on Instagram,” Sarah-Jane replied.

“I went to show someone her (page) the other day, because they were like, ‘Who is this person?’

“And then I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve made it, I’ve made it in the world, a celebrity has blocked me’.”

During the interview, Sarah-Jane also admitted she hadn’t been surprised to find out the couple had called it quits so early into the production.

“I could tell that they were unhappy after judging,” she told the hosts.

“You don’t really spend a lot of time (together) before that, you’re doing the challenge, so you’re busy. But at the judging, they seemed not too happy, there were a few little sentences that I heard and I thought, ‘Oh gosh …’ so no, I wasn’t surprised when they left.”

It comes after weeks of headlines surrounding their shock exit, which host Scott Cam has slammed as “p**s poor” and “unAustralian” in interviews ahead of the season.

Despite reports the couple left the competition to be with Joel’s mother after a nasty fall, it appears the duo bowed out of the challenge because it wasn’t “on brand”, with Cam telling fellow competitors they’d complained that the toilet paper was “too scratchy”.

Ahead of the shock revelation, Joel and Elle’s first room challenge copped some negative criticism from judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer, who commented that it was “too Bondi” for the country setting.

At the time, Sarah-Jane declared she had predicted the couple weren’t Block material.

“I saw that coming… They didn’t make any effort to get to know us… They looked miserable the whole time… I heard that they were like ‘I can’t wear that, that doesn’t represent us’,” she told the others, adding that they seemed “sour” after coming fourth in the room reveal.

The Block Tree Change continues tonight from 7pm on Channel 9.