The Masked Singer 2022: Jamie Durie revealed as the Tiger

The Masked Singer 2022: Jamie Durie revealed as the Tiger

WARNING: Masked Singer spoilers below.

A fourth celebrity was revealed on Sunday’s episode of The Masked Singerwith the Tiger revealed to be…

form Backyard Blitz host and very successful Aussie export, Jamie Durie.

After his unmasking, Durie reflected on his massive career – from Manpower dancer, to TV presenter, to friend and colleague of Oprah after his move to the US: “Not bad for being a glorified bloody gardener.”

The Tiger sang the Phil Collins classic In The Air Tonight. Much like last week, all the clues had pointed to Durie – the Tiger was shown dancing the Charleston (Durie’s been a two-time contestant on Dancing with the Stars). He said he spends a “lot of time in the back” (Durie was the host of Backyard Blitz). There was also a reference to being “very Manly” – and as judge Chrissie Swan, who’d picked Durie since the start, pointed out, Durie was born in Manly.

Elsewhere, Sunday’s show opened with the Rooster performing a confident rendition of the Mamas and the Papas classic California Dreamin’ that sounded very different from his debut performance last week. It’s still hard to get a handle on this performer’s real voice, but it’s clear he’s a skilled singer.

Then the Snapdragon – who I know, in my heart, to be Eurovision and The Voice singer Sheldon Riley – performed a ballad version of the Whitney Houston smash How Will I Know. The Snapdragon’s clues package made reference to being “universal” (That’s Sheldon’s record label) and being “not the same” as other snapdragons. Sheldon’s 2022 Eurovision song was called Not The Same – come on, Ten, you’re making it too easy!

Then it was on to the Popcorn, who sang the Harry Styles hit adore you. From the moment he opened his mouth last week, I pinned the Popcorn as Black&Gold singer Sam Sparro – and the new clue package certainly pointed to that. There were references to Lindsay Lohan (Sam’s penned songs with her) and George Michael (Sam was on the line-up for an Aussie tribute concert to the late star).

Last Sunday’s Masked Singer premiere got the season off to a cracking start, with one of the show’s best-kept secrets revealed when actor Ryan Moloney – aka Toadfish from neighbors – was unmasked after a surprisingly decent rendition of an Ed Sheeran hit.

There was another surprise the following night, when the Caterpillar was revealed to be Australian swimming legend Lisa Curry.

And on Tuesday came the reveal of another celeb it felt like nobody had guessed correctly, when the Thong was unmasked as Looking for Alibrandi actress Australian Survivor winner) Pia Miranda.

Meanwhile, we’ve had our annual guess at who exactly is beneath each of the remaining masks this season – and we’re confident we’ve correctly picked at least five of the contestants’ true identities.

The Masked Singer continues 7:30pm Monday on Ten.