Tower of Fantasy – All Black and Gold Nucleus locations on Astra

Tower of Fantasy – All Black and Gold Nucleus locations on Astra

Tower of Fantasy has a unique summoning system, in that you can find tokens (or Nuclei) to summon simply by exploring the world. There are two types of Nuclei—Black and Gold. Black Nucleus allows you to spin the Black Nucleus Cache, while Gold Nucleus allow you to spin the Gold Nucleus Cache gachas. Red Nucleus are very rare indeed, but allow you to spin the specialty gacha.

Black Nucleus is a lot more common to come across than Gold, and Gold is more common than Red — it’s not possible to find Red Nucleus out in the overworld. Black and Gold, however, can be found by simply exploring the land. Astra, your starting island, is chock full of locations to find these Nuclei. Here are all of the Black and Gold Nucleus locations on Astra for Tower of Fantasy.

We’ve broken the starting island up into two halves. Each star marks a Nucleus location. It’s random if you will get Black or Gold from interactable locations, such as Tar Pits or Kerosene Plants. However, there are set Gold Nucleus spawns, typically in the middle of Strongholds or hidden in tough-to-reach locations.

You can also gather Nuclei from Caches scattered around the island, so always make a trip if you see one in the distance. Purple Caches (or Type 1) will grant Black Nucleus, while Gold Caches (or Type 2) will grant Gold Nucleus, in addition to some Dark Crystal as well. 1500 Dark Crystal gets you 10 spins on the Red Nucleus Gacha, so make sure you save up for that.

We recommend always carrying a flame weapon with you, such as the starting bow you receive, to more rapidly gather from certain locations. Keep in mind that some locations require time to pass before they will activate, so it’s impossible to gather everything from the get-go. Furthermore, this map isn’t comprehensive — with so many locations, it’s possible we missed a few.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.