Tower of Fantasy: All currencies explained

Tower of Fantasy: All currencies explained

If you’re playing a live-service game, odds are good that the game has multiple currencies, ranging from the free and farmable to the rare. In some cases, some currencies can only be obtained by spending money. Tower of Fantasy takes the idea of ​​multiple currencies to a whole new level, however. With over a dozen different currencies and resources, you might find yourself a little confused about what to spend where. We’ve got you covered — here’s our currency guide for Tower of Fantasy.

Gold – Tower of Fantasy

Gold is your most basic resource. It’s the game world’s lore currency, and lets you purchase items from NPCs, like cooking materials or weapon upgrade materials. Gold can be found just about anywhere and everywhere in Tower of Fantasy, but you’ll need a monumental amount of it to do what you want.

Nucleus (Red, Gold and Black Nucleus) – Tower of Fantasy

The three nucleus types are the most important currency in the game outside of Dark Crystals. These Nuclei are how you spin the gacha, otherwise known as the “Special Order” system. Gacha is a Japanese term referring to a game of chance where you insert money and get a random item.

Black Nuclei are used on the permanent banner, which contains up to SR rarity characters. You will most likely get upgrade materials instead, however. Gold Nuclei are used at the Gold permanent banner, and you can obtain SSR units from here (rarely.) Every 80 pulls will guarantee you an SSR unit, however.

Red Nuclei are the rarest kind, only obtainable from certain missions and via microtransaction purchases. You can spend these on limited-time banners, which have an increased chance to get you an SSR unit. Black and Gold Nuclei can be obtained via exploration in the game world.

We’ve got a map of all the Nucleus locations on the starting island, Astra for you to use.

Black Gold – Tower of Fantasy

When you spend Gold Nuclei on the Special Order gacha, you get Black Gold as a bonus. Black Gold is used to buy upgrade materials as well as copies of weapons you already own, which is necessary to fully unlock a weapons potential level.

Dark Crystal – Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned earlier, Dark Crystal is the most important currency in the game. Genshin Impact fans will be familiar with the concept — they’re basically equivalent to Primogems. You accumulate Dark Crystal by completing quests and achievements, and spend Dark Crystal by heading to the Store. You can buy Nuclei of any variety, but Red Nuclei is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Proof of Purchase – Tower of Fantasy

Proof of Purchase is another gacha resource, used to pull the Matrix Gacha. Matrixes can be applied to weapons to imbue them with additional bonuses, and after 40 draws, you are guaranteed to get an SSR Matrix.

Base Chip – Tower of Fantasy

Base Chips are the Matrix counterpart to Black Gold. You gain Base Chips when you spend Proofs of Purchase. You can spend them in the Matrix Store.

Energy Crystal Dust – Tower of Fantasy

This currency is used in the Crystal Dust Store. Here, you will find gifts for your characters that earn you “awakening points.” These points unlock avatars, traits, and other bonuses with specific characters. You can also find additional equipment in the store to spend your Points on. You obtain Energy Crystal Dust by completing activities that cost Vitality.

Vitality – Tower of Fantasy

Vitality is similar to Resin from Genshin Impact. You have 180 Vitality per day to spend, and you can spend it by doing special solo dungeons or multiplayer activities. These missions provide you with special item rewards, including the Energy Crystal Dust mentioned above.

Activity – Tower of Fantasy

Weekly, players have a free “mini-battle pass” that rewards you with items for playing the game normally. You gain points for completing tasks, and when you accumulate enough points you gain rewards. Rewards include Merit XP, which is your Battle Pass, as well as Dark Crystals.

Merit – Tower of Fantasy

There are technically two Merit currencies — the exp you gain for your Battle Pass, and the Merit Points you gain for participating in guild missions. Merit Points from the Crew (that’s your guild) can be spent on the Crew Shop to buy items.

Support Points, Return Support Points – Tower of Fantasy

If you group with a new or returning player, you will earn Support and Return Support points, which can be spent to buy limited numbers of nuclei and collectable themes and titles.

Training Points – Tower of Fantasy

Training points are acquired when you complete training missions scattered throughout the world. This can be completing time attack races to win a shootout on the football pitch. You can spend Training Points in the Points Store, to by gifts and weapon materials.

Tanium – Tower of Fantasy

Tanium is the premium currency of Tower of Fantasy, and is only obtained by spending real money on the game. You can exchange Tanium for Daily Supplies, which include Dark Crystals, Nuclei and other daily resources.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.