Tower of Fantasy: How to get Firecore

Tower of Fantasy: How to get Firecore

One of the many items required to enhance weaponry in Tower of Fantasy is the Firecore, a molten shard of the Fire element. Players must procure this resource to strengthen their elemental Fire equipment, such as the Scythe of the Crow or Negating Cube. Similar to Genshin Impacttheorycrafters are likely calculating what the best element in the Tower of Fantasy es. While it is unknown if Fire takes the top place like Genshin‘s Pyro and Cryo, this element will come in handy for both combat and exploration. Therefore, it is essential for players to know where to find Firecore in Tower of Fantasy.

Obtaining Firecore In Tower Of Fantasy

To get Firecore in Tower of Fantasy, players must find Firecore nodes within the open world. These nodes appear as large hive-like mounds with massive red cube-shaped crystals protruding from their surface. To break them apart and acquire the resource within, Wanderers must attack them with the Fire element.


Tower of Fantasy: How to Break Cracked Rock Walls

Ace wanderers progress through Tower of Fantasy‘s main story and explore its vast world, it is likely they will eventually acquire a weapon imbued with the Fire element. Accordingly, they can equip the armament and use it to break apart the Firecore nodes. On the other hand, those who do not have access to Fire-imbued weaponry can still destroy the nodes using a different method — Flame Cores. Flame Cores are small docile mobs that can often be found near Firecore nodes. If a Wanderer approaches one of these creatures, they will be prompted to “Lift,” picking up the fiery critter. With the Flame Core in hand, hurl the creature at a Firecore cluster to break it apart and retrieve its contents instantly.

Open world exploration is not the only way to get Firecores in Tower of Fantasy. According to gamepur, Wanderers can also acquire this resource by making a purchase in the Weapon Store, where Firecores can be procured in exchange for Black Gold ×1. Those who’ve participated in the gacha system of the game will recognize Black Gold as the currency acquired from using Gold Nuclei. However, bear in mind that the Daily Purchase Limit is ×10, so the Weapon Store is not the most efficient source of Firecores. However, it can be a convenient means to instantly obtain one or two required materials for enhancing a Fire-imbued weapon.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

Source: gamepur