Warriors cult hero 'Roger Shoey Vasa-Sheck' banned from Mt Smart Stadium

Warriors cult hero ‘Roger Shoey Vasa-Sheck’ banned from Mt Smart Stadium

The man dubbed Roger Shoey Vasa-Sheck, who guzzles beer from a boot at New Zealand Warriors games, was sensationally tossed out of Mt Smart Stadium and handed a lifetime ban on Friday.

Calley Gibbons, a 31-year-old Auckland brickie, had gained cult-hero status for popping up on the TV screen in front of Stacey Jones’ coaches box and drinking beer from his size-12 footwear.

He was spotted during the Warriors’ homecoming game against Wests Tigers, again during the Storm clash and briefly in the first half on Friday night against Canterbury.

However, after enjoying only one “shoey”, Gibbons was fronted by security and several police and asked to leave.

gibbons told The Sun-Herald he was not intoxicated, had bought the beer from inside the venue and ended up heading down the road to a nearby pub and drinking from his shoe every time the Warriors scored a try.

Gibbons is not facing any charges, while The Sun-Herald has contacted the Warriors for comment.

A change.org petition to have Gibbons’ ban overturned had already attracted more than 2,500 signatures by Saturday morning.

“I was evicted from the stadium and the security guard escorted me out and told me I had a lifetime ban,” Gibbons said. “Your guess is as good as mine as to why I was kicked out. It’s just wrong.

Calley Gibbons before he was asked to leave on Friday night.