Wife catches husband with mistress at Singapore Airport |  Video

Wife catches husband with mistress at Singapore Airport | Video

Imagine not knowing where your husband is for six months, only to find him returning from a trip with his mistress.

That was the unfortunate reality for a wife who claims her husband cheated on her after busting him at Singapore’s Changi Airport with another woman.

In a viral clip that has been circulating since June, the furious wife can be seen confronting her husband at the airport as he walked through the arrivals gate hand-in-hand with another woman.

“Excuse me; I’m talking with my husband. Quien eres?” the angry wife can be heard saying according to local media, before the “mistress” walks off.

The wife continued to berate her husband in front of onlookers at the airport demanding he answer where he was as she accused him of neglecting her and their four-year-old son.

“For the past six months, where were you?” she asks.

She can also be heard saying, “I’m still your legal wife, remember that”, according to Singapore outlet The Independent.

In a separate video, the husband reportedly told his wife he was going to see his father in Malaysia and had left. But later, the man’s father called the wife, asking where his son was.

The mother-of-one posted details of the incident to Facebook, noting she was a full-time housewife since their son’s birth, leaving her with no income.

In a lengthy post, she claimed her husband was uncontactable after struggling to get through to his mobile number.

“No video call and his contact number cannot be contacted for the past 6 months,” she wrote.

It appears that the couple has been together for 11 years, with the wife following her husband from Kuching to Singapore when he decided to get a diploma.

She claimed things “changed” in 2021 when she left to Singapore for a job interview.

The woman said she contacted her husband to discuss their son’s schooling just a few weeks after he left in December.

“I try to call just to discuss about the school, unfortunately call cannot get through also fail to get through to him. He should not forget he has a son and wife waiting for him in Malaysia,” she wrote.

“My child keeps asking me. ‘Why didn’t my father call me?’ ‘Why didn’t my father come to see me’. I keep telling my child that his father is working hard in Singapore to earn money

“I took out medical check-up (ultra sound scan /colonoscopy) and I’m found out I have health issue here need immediate medical attention. But the phone still can’t even get through.”

She planned to visit their house in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, but discovered that the door lock had been changed, forcing her and their child to stay at a hotel.

She then decided to enter Singapore to search for her husband, seeking assistance from the police.

“The police dialed your Singapore number which was not available and found out from a friend that you were going to Thailand,” she wrote.

“These days me and my child have been going back and forth from the hotel and Singapore airport wait for the flight from Thailand to Singapore.

“Thank you god! My child and I stood at the arrival gate and saw my husband holding hand-in-hand with his female student walking out wearing couple clothes. At that moment, my heart hurt and broken.”

She realized the woman he was with was his violin student. The wife is reportedly urging her and her husband to meet to discuss divorce.