Basic Attention Token: understand what it is

Blockchain networks opened doors for countless assets to be created in a decentralized way. Utility tokens are a successful example, with options for different segments. Today, we’ll talk about the Basic Attention Token (BAT), cryptocurrency used to reward users for views on ads in the Brave browser.

Created on the Ethereum network , the BAT token can be exchanged between advertisers and content creators in a digital monetization strategy, being a full dish for communication professionals who want to work in an autonomous and decentralized way.

Want to know more about the asset? Check the following text and understand how BAT and the Brave browser promise to end Google’s reign in monetization campaigns.

How does the Basic Attention Token (BAT) work?

Developed by Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox, the Basic Attention Token goes far beyond being a utility token: it is also a digital monetization platform that rewards content creators by displaying ads in the Brave browser .

The BAT token serves to feed the platform and also to reward users who use the protocols to monetize ads. Content creators are rewarded with a BAT token as they provide engagement for advertisements – a common practice already done by Google.

With BAT it is possible to buy algorithms — which generate personalized ads — and recommendation programs through Brave, an open source and free browser.

The difference between BAT and Google, however, is that everything is done in a decentralized way on a blockchain network , giving the user complete control over their actions. In addition to being rewarded for each view on Brave ads, advertisers can also use the acquired tokens to buy part of users’ screen space.

What is the purpose of BAT?

The Basic Attention Token was thought to be a decentralized solution for advertising and marketing strategies, serving as a very promising alternative to Google – which, in the view of experts, is quite flawed.

Its main objective is to be a more profitable and safer option for those working in the digital advertising market. Integrated with the Brave browser, it offers users the chance to monetize independently and with more advantageous earnings.

Additionally, the token serves as a bargaining chip for content creators, advertisers, and users using Brave and its integrated browser advertising system.

Is it worth investing in Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Investing in BAT is a good strategy for both content creators and investors who want to diversify their investments in crypto assets. Ad agency owners and anti-Google enthusiasts are already investing in the asset, while investors welcome the opportunity to break the search giant’s monopoly.

Investing in BAT today can be as advantageous as investing in Google in 1998. In addition, it is worth remembering that the simple use of Brave already guarantees the user the issuance of some free tokens.

However, like other crypto assets, it is important to pay attention to the valuation history and reports issued by the company to accompany its audits and updates. Cryptocurrencies are a variable income investment, which means dealing with constant fluctuations along the way.

What are the benefits of BAT?

With the promise of being a disruptor in the field of digital advertising campaigns, the Basic Attention Token is a complete tool. Discover below some of its features and learn how to take advantage of them:

AdBlockers Converter

The main functionality of BAT is the conversion of AdBlockers (the famous ad blockers) into monetization structures. This way, the token is used to reward your users as they pay attention to the ads.

This ecosystem works exclusively through the Brave browser through a well-defined strategy. Businesses and brands are able to drive more profitable engagement independently.

Integrated browser

A feature that is often lacking on networks like Google is the lack of measurement of the time a user spends viewing an ad. Brave , on the other hand, allows users to monitor views in real – time through an all-in-one tool.

In this way, the browser is able to generate more accurate reports for the marketing strategies of professionals in the field. In addition, it is still able to decrease users’ waiting time by blocking ads and allows advertisers and content creators to transact directly over the network.

Privacy first

If you’ve been using the internet for some time, it’s likely that you know how Google stores data: cookies are files that generate sequences of user data with each click on a website. In addition to being invasive, they can be ineffective if used incorrectly.

BAT’s strategy dispenses with the capture and sale of this data, because its system allows the blocking of the user’s tracks. Brave allows you to choose whether or not to contribute to the registry.

Incentive to content creators

The biggest advantage of BAT is to provide content creators and advertisers with the option of working on their own with the monetization of the platform, also allowing greater freedom for those who consume the content, since it is up to users to tip BAT as they engage with publications .

In addition, fees are lower and the project is transparent and widely reported to the community. Brave Browser does not have intermediaries to dictate advertising distribution as Google AdWords does. As it is a decentralized system, it is up to the advertisers themselves to announce and organize their marketing strategies.

It is also possible to invest in BAT indirectly, through exchanges. That way, even if you are not a marketer or advertiser, you can benefit from the asset’s positive swings in the crypto market.


The Basic Attention Token is increasingly popular, especially among marketing and advertising professionals. With the expansion of decentralized systems gaining market share, the trend is for growth in the coming years.

Experts point to BAT as a natural evolution of the digital marketing market, allowing professionals to become less and less dependent on Google. Therefore, the asset can be a good opportunity to profit from the rise in the long term.