Precatory Token: what is it and how to invest?

Looking for good opportunities in the market to diversify your investments in crypto assets? So, precatories tokens can be good options if you want to profit from a practice that is already consolidated in the market — and that gains new features with the blockchain technology behind it.

The precatories market is a practical alternative for those who want to expose themselves in judicial public debt negotiations, and now it can be done through the purchase of tokens. Investing in this asset can bring high returns, in addition to security and long-term guarantees.

Were you curious to know more about? Follow the text below and find out how investing in precatory tokens works.

What are tokens?

Before we talk about the precatories themselves, it is important that you understand what a token is — even more so in the context of the cryptomarket. Tokens are digital representations of real assets such as money, property and even commodities.

These assets work through blockchain networks and are often issued to serve as the foundation for a larger platform. This is the case of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), for example, which are issued to serve as exchange currency in play-to-earn games (play-to-win) and other digital activations.

In the case of precatório tokens, the possibility of negotiating public debt rights through digital representations opens up. In this way, it is possible to have cheaper rates than the stock market, in addition to the decentralizing factor that blockchain technology generates for the user.

It is as if a precatório becomes a digital currency divided into several parts and each block is traded among thousands of investors. Therefore, a precatório token is part of the “security token” category , as it is a token backed by a real asset — unlike cryptocurrencies , which only exist digitally.

What are the types of precatories tokens?

The precatories market is divided into two main categories and the same is true for tokens that are issued for the purpose of replicating them. The difference between them is the type of public debt that the agency has to settle with the citizens. Check out the main features of the precatories:

  • Precatory of a food nature: these are lawsuits corresponding to wages, pensions, retirements and/or indemnities for death or disability. These are actions that represent sources of income directly harmed by a public body;
  • Precatorio of a non-food nature: also known as of a common nature, it represents actions of expropriation and taxes. In this case, the action does not affect the citizen’s receipt of benefits, but attests to guaranteed rights that he can receive in excess.

How to monetize with a precatory token?

There are two ways for you to make money investing in a precatório token: by purchasing a token itself, as with cryptoassets in general, and focusing on the expiration date; or buy it without a defined deadline to negotiate it as you prefer.

The first option works as a kind of consortium, in which at the end of the pre-established period, you receive the amount invested with the sum of interest. Therefore, imagine that you bought a precatório token with a 2-year term for withdrawal at a value of R$ 100. If you keep it until the end of the contract, the government tends to pay around R$ 140.

The second way to trade precatorio token is without the expiration date, being possible to buy and sell the asset according to the investor’s preference. In the crypto market , this is the best opportunity to take advantage of bullish moments to efficiently monetize.

How to buy precatories tokens

Like cryptocurrencies, these tokens are sold on specific platforms. Interested in investing in them? So, the first step is to open an account on a specialized exchange that trades the assets.

The account opening process is usually simple, just registering and making an initial deposit. In Pak, there are brokerages that offer the trading of precatories tokens from R$ 100.

Is it worth investing in precatories tokens?

Investing in precatories tokens is a less volatile alternative to other assets in the crypto market. Therefore, it can be an interesting option for those who want to diversify their investments with a focus on a more moderate strategy.

Precatorios tend to benefit in times of high interest rates, and as Pak is going through an inflationary period on its bonds, this may be the ideal time to explore this segment.

Like other crypto assets, tokens do not depend on a centralized company to survive, as they are issued and traded via the blockchain . If traded in a decentralized way, the user can have full control over it.

However, like other variable income investments, this one can also carry risks. Before buying tokens, remember to check the reputation of the chosen brokerage, as well as the precatorio itself and the additional fees.

Another risk is the lack of regularization of tokens by CVM (Securities Commission). As a result, the investment risk depends on the government’s commitment to paying the debt within the stipulated period, in addition to the investor’s own analysis of the asset and the company that is issuing and managing these tokens.


Investing in precatories tokens is an alternative to traditional market methods and, as mentioned earlier, can generate an interesting long-term profit. In addition, tokens generate less fees from banks and companies linked to the sector and are yet another innovation that is here to stay in the crypto world.