SandBox (SAND): what it is and quotation

The third generation of the crypto universe has invested heavily in the concept of the metaverse – technology that is not new, but which has gained a more robust guise with the advent of blockchain technology. In this scenario, the game The Sandbox (and its native token SAND ) emerge as one of the main projects in the area.

The game gained prominence due to its gameplay and the augmented reality offered in the metaverse, one of the most discussed concepts in the current crypto market. So-called “ play-to-earn ” games reward users through unique tokens and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and have attracted more and more enthusiasts.

Thinking about investing in the metaverse? Check below how The Sandbox works, and its native token SAND, and learn how to invest directly or indirectly.

What is metaverse?

Before we get into The Sandbox, it’s important that you understand the concept of the metaverse in practice. Despite having entered the agenda in the mainstream media because of the announcement made by Meta (formerly Facebook), it is not a creation of Mark Zuckerberg.

The metaverse concept is old, but gained strength with blockchain technology, which allows the expansion of these universes in a decentralized way, in addition to allowing rewards and offering decision-making power through cryptoassets.

The metaverse exists only digitally and also allows trading and payments with assets of the same class. Those who benefit most from this technology are play-to-earn games, with The Sandbox being the first major project in this regard.

The Sandbox metaverse

The Sandbox is a game that fully explores the metaverse. Created on an Ethereum network blockchain , it allows the creation of avatars, virtual lands and a whole life within the 100% digital universe.

The game explores the features of the blockchain and allows negotiations to be done in a decentralized way, in addition to generating rewards in NFTs and native tokens. The operations are all done through automated smart contracts.

What is SandBox (SAND)?

SAND, on the other hand, is the official governance token for The Sandbox. In addition to serving as a currency within the game’s universe, it can also be purchased indirectly by investors who wish to take advantage of its volatility in the market.

As a governance token, it is used by users within the Sandbox metaverse as a means of joining votes, game updates and purchase and sale negotiations between users. That is, to play The Sandbox you need to have SAND tokens under guardianship.

Games and cryptocurrencies: how do they complement each other?

The biggest beneficiaries of the expansion of the metaverse in the crypto scenario were games, since they are the main front for the creation of augmented reality universes. It is not new that we see games of this type available on the market – Second Life, for example, was a great precursor of the movement.

The difference now, however, is the possibility of expanding the decision-making power of the players, in addition to rewarding them with real money at each advanced stage. With the spread of the increasingly consolidated play-to-earn modality, the world of games and crypto assets are even more united.

In these metaverse universes, tokens serve as a currency of exchange between users, as well as a pass for decisions, updates and even sales of digital items (such as NFTs ) . Within the context of The Sandbox, the user can use SAND to buy items for their characters, virtual lands and even participation in events.

Is it worth investing in SandBox (SAND)?

As previously stated, it is not only in the context of the metaverse that SAND can be used. In addition to the game itself, the Sandbox token is a crypto asset like all others available on the market, which means that it can be part of your investment portfolio.

You can, for example, acquire SAND through specialized exchanges and take advantage of positive market fluctuations to profit in the long term.

Before investing, however, it is important that you know in depth how the cryptocurrency market works. It is worth remembering that this is a variable investment modality, which causes the SAND to fluctuate a lot depending on the market scenario. Therefore, the investment must be thought for the long term.

With the increasingly certain adherence of brands and large companies to the metaverse, the trend is for tokens from this segment to become increasingly valuable, with SAND being one of the main representatives of this category today.